Charm is deceptive

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Proverbs: Chapter 31  verse 30

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting:

but a woman who fears The LORD

is to be praised.


I like to think that this Scripture applies to all Mankind.  We know that you are an awesome God.  It is a Holy Fear that you want us to have, not that we should be frightened of you because you are the God of Love and in perfect love there is no fear.  So if there is no deceit in our hearts then we may be praised and will  be able to give to you all the Glory that you desire from us.  So may my beauty be in knowing you today and forever more.  Amen.

The above is taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ of Heavenly Blessings straight from Gods Word in the Holy Bible.


Well what do you think about Charm?…..Some people are really Charming…..not just women but men also…. and I think that God likes to look into the hearts of all of us.

When we are walking in the love of Jesus, then our hearts will be free of fear and people will see the peace and beauty on our face.

We can be praised for the beauty that is within our hearts.  As Christians –  people will want to know what we have that they have not got.  That will be praise indeed for us that we can give God the Glory knowing that our beauty whether we be man or woman is within us.  (That Jesus is in our Heart)

So the outward appearance of ourselves (even though we keep ourselves nice) is not the be all and end all of things.

Our beauty needs to be on the inside so that it can radiate to those that The Lord brings before us each day.


* Praise the Lord for His Goodness and Love towards us each Day.*

Mother& Child



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