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Peace be with you

Station Homestead W.A.

This a lovely peacefull scene of an ‘Oil Painting’ that I Painted.

Acts: Chapter 8 verse 4.

Those who had been scattered

preached the word

wherever they went.


Today will be a good day for us to preach the Word, even in a small way.  If we tell someone about Jesus today it will help forward the Gospel of Peace.

Taken from Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


Just to think that we as Christians have a great responibility to let people know about Jesus wherever we are.  Maybe on holiday or while we are shopping, sometimes an opportunity will arise that we can say something about the Peace of The Lord.

For instance we can say God Bless you to people

(now that is not too hard to say is it)?

By saying just a simple thing like that helps to show that you believe that God is real.  We cannot all preach the word like some can but we can do our part and that helps to spread The Word.

We can let someone know that Jesus loves them, especially if they are in any kind of need.

To show others that you care about them and their everyday life is a great blessing to some people.

So whereever we are scattered about in this world –  we, as Christians are to do our best to encourage others to come to know The Lord Jesus and especially our Heavenly Father God.


I pray you have a lovely day and that God will bring before you those who He would like you to talk to today.

Also that The Holy Spirit

will help you to do so.

* God Bless You with Peace –

for caring about others *


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Do we Understand?

Eagle on Rocks

This my “Oil Painting” of an Eagle.

Psalm 53 verse 2

God looks down from heaven

on the sons of men

to see if there are any

who understand,

any who seek God.


Are we seeking God today, are we asking His help today.  Do we care about God today?  Are we trusting in God for all our needs today?

He is looking to see!

From Book: “Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R.Larman


The above Psalm gives us food for thought don’t you think?

I mean are we really asking God (our Father in Heaven) for His help today.  Do we really care or think to thank Him for all His blessings towards us.

Do we trust God today as we go about our daily chores, our work or whatever we are doing or wherever we are going to.?

He does want us to trust Him,

to ask for His help for the things we need today.

Hands Colour

If we are a Christian we can come to The Father through Jesus Christ His Son.

When you think of it Jesus did say that the only way to the Father is through the Son…….that is Him – Jesus.

In John Chapter 14 verse 6. Jesus says: (I am the way the truth and the life.  No one comes to The Father except through me)

I pray that we try to Understand God a bit more today.

Have a Lovely day walking in a fresh Understanding of God our Heavenly Father.

* May God Bless us as we try to do so.  Amen *