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Heart Free


Oil Painting by: J. Larman

Psalm: 119 verse 32

I run the path of your commands,

for you

have set my heart free.


LORD you have set my heart free, free to love The Lord Jesus and to serve Him.  I love your commands, one which asks me to walk a blameless life.  Please God our Heavenly Father help me to do this today with the guidance of your Holy spirit.                                                                                                                 Amen.


So is our heart free  – free from anger, sadness, grief, sorrow.  If not then I pray that we can give those things and wrong thoughts to The Lord then try to walk in His ways.

His ways are His Commands and the most precious one is that we should Walk in Love.

When we walk in the Love of The Lord Jesus we can try to put anger, sadness, grief sorrow  behind us.  There are times when we will be angry, sometimes sad, also grief stricken but if we sit with The Lord Jesus in our Prayer time these will gradually diminish.  Then our Heart will gradually be set Free.

We can then walk more in contentment with our Heart Free of some of the things that come against us in our everyday lives.


We can be Free as the Eagle that soars above, free in the Spirit to soar into the Heavenly Realms as we sit at the feet of Jesus in our own personal Prayer time.

God Bless You.


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Tempted ?


Luke:  Chapter 4 verse 1

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit,

returned from the Jordan

and was led

by The Spirit in the desert,………


Just think for a moment, have you ever been tempted by the devil?  You may have been led into the desert, that could be a place where you have said  –  where are you God.  A place where you have felt so alone.

Remember, Jesus was tempted in the desert but He did not give Himself over to the devils ways.  Neither must we, these are the times that we learn more about God and when we come out of that desert experience how much stronger in The Lord we are.

Times of testing are of The Lord, to strengthen our character and to show that we put our trust in Him.

So   –  praise God, thank Him for your blessings.  Then you will come out of the desert quicker than  you ever thought possible.



I Pray that if you are being tempted today that you can say help Lord and come away from the temptation what-ever it may be.

We just cannot always do things on our own – we need Gods Help and He is always there if only we can put our trust in Him and ask for His Help.


With Love and God Bless You.


**********' Story  Front Cover 2013

Fear of The Lord

 Sunset Boat Harbour 3

Proverbs: Chapter 1  verse 7

The fear of The LORD

is the beginning of knowledge


fools despise wisdom




I think I shall ask The LORD for more knowledge and wisdom today, I do not want to be a fool, I pray that I do have the fear of The LORD and I certainly do not despise wisdom and knowledge.

For my part I know that I do love wisdom and knowledge, also I do know that I definitely need more!  Thank you LORD God that you continue to fill me afresh each day, also with the knowledge and love of Jesus.



So let us just think where are we really going to get this knowledge and wisdom from……well I think it does help to read our Bible  because it has been written for our learning. Therefore if we decide not to read, then we are limiting our brains to absorb knowledge and wisdom from the Apostles and followers of Jesus that are written about in the most Holy Book.

Lots of them were not clever people but with the account of their lives we can learn from their mistakes. (Hopefully we can!)

So where does the FEAR come from then?

You see we are not to be afraid of our God because He is the God of Love.  Our only fear is to be that we really don’t acknowledge Him as we should and that we don’t always walk in the knowledge that He is our Heavenly Father and He Loves us even more than our earthly fathers love us.

We do fear being chastised by our earthly fathers and need to realize that our Heavenly Father does chastise us too.


is that we DO NOT need to be



I hope you have a lovely day walking in the Love and Knowledge, Wisdom and Joy of our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father.


Be Healed

Hands Colour

Psalm 30 verse 2

O LORD my God,

I called to you for help

and you healed me.


Yes LORD I can truly say that I did call to you for help and yes you did heal me of an incurable disease in my lungs  – Bronchiectasis in 1984 in Perth, W. Australia.  I give you all the praise and glory God that I can witness that you sent Jesus your Son to earth as our Saviour and Healer, thank you, thank you.  So if you need help for healing, today is a good time to ask The LORD God if He will allow Jesus to heal you.  I pray that when you ask you will receive in good measure what ever you are asking for.  Amen.

The above was taken from the book – “Drink from the Cup” –  by: J.M.R.Larman.


I do pray today that God will Bless you whatever your needs are.  It is good to know that Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be with us in our hearts to comfort and guide us while we live on this earth.  This applies to all of us who are Christians and have invited Jesus into our hearts.  So with God The Father, Jesus The Son and The Holy Spirit – we need not despair when wrong things come against us.  That includes things that go wrong in our bodies….. if you are not sure how to pray….remember that Jesus taught His Disciples when they asked Him how should they Pray, He taught them that Prayer  that covers all our needs i.e.  The Lords Prayer.

You can find The Lords Prayer in your Bible:

(in the New Testament) :

                    –  St. Luke: Chapter 11 verse 2.

                 also in  –  St. Matthew:  Chapter 6  verse 9.


If you do not have a Bible here is the Prayer:

Our Father who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be your Name.

Your Kingdom come.

Your Will  be Done.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us today our daily bread

and forgive us our Trespasses, as

we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into Temptation

but Deliver us from evil.

for Yours is the Kingdom,

the Power and The Glory,

for Ever and Ever  –  Amen.

 Snowflake Purple

*  God Bless You  *