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Rejoice in being Corrected

Father & Son

Oil Painting by J.M.R.Larman.

Proverbs:  24

He who spares the rod

hates his son

but he who loves him

is careful to discipline him.


This does not mean that we should go about hitting our children with a rod until they cower before us.  It does mean that we must discipline them in a way that they will understand not to do that bad thing again.  As children of God did you know that God disciplines us?  Because He loves us He is constantly correcting us, that is how it should be with us and our natural children.  They must not be allowed to do just as they like, when and how they like, neither can we in God’s Kingdom.  Today let us rejoice that Our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He disciplines us with love.

From the book ‘Drink from the Cup’by J.M.R.Larman.




Being disciplined by our Parents is not a joyful thing but it is meant  to teach us something.

Well if we do not listen or change our ways we go round and round doing the same thing until at last we decide that it is not worth aggregating people or friends.

We have to stop wanting our own way if we are doing something wrong.

Today let us think before we do something awful.

Let us stop so that we need not get chastised by our parents or friends or even chastised from our Heavenly Father for committing some awful sin.


Also we may like to think how best to chastise our children, whether they be young or older.  Sometimes they still need us to correct them but mostly with love.

Have a lovely Day.

* Remember – Jesus Loves Us *



Be Still

Rocky Pool

This “Oil Painting” is of ‘Rocky Pool’ that I painted,     it is in Carnarvon. Western Australia.


Psalm 46 verse 10

“Be still and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth”


Have you ever sat still for a while and felt the presence of God.  Be still and know.  That is what He wants us to do.  As we sit with the The Holy Spirit how lovely is the presence of God.

From the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R. Larman.


I did hear quite a long time ago that someone asked how could they feel the presence and peace of the Lord as it had never seemed to work even though they sat and waited.

Well….the advise they were given didn’t seem to be very good but they thought they would give it a go.

So that evening they turned off the television, the radio etc., and sat quietly in the lounge room.   They were told to just sit and look around the room, thank the Lord for just being able to sit and look around at what ever was in the room.  Thank Him in their heart for the day, for anyone they had met or for where they had been if they had been out of the house.  To look at their special things in the room remembering if necessary any one who had given them anything that was there.  Just to sit and thank The Lord for the day and for just being able to sit and pray or not to pray but just to sit and be quiet.  No need to get up and rush around, also no need to ask or feel anything -just to sit.

After a while, the person felt such peace sitting alone in the room, something they had never really felt before.

It was a revelation to know that they had not even had to strive and ask for the Presence of The Lord to be with them but in the quietness of their heart they just felt The Peace of The Lord.  It was so lovely they just wanted to stay in what they then knew was the Presence of The Lord.


The Peace of The Lord is beyond our understanding.


 It is lovely to Share the Peace of The Lord –  you are able to do that by just giving someone a HUG.


Have a lovely day.

God Bless You.