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Blessings of the Upright


Proverbs: Chapter 11 verse 11

Through the blessing of the upright

a city is exalted


by the mouth of the wicked

it is destroyed.


Just think right where you are, you can be a blessing to the city or town that you live in.  In your own community you can be a blessing, by praying and being in the love of Jesus day by day.  We are not all called to go out to be a prominent person in our community but by prayer and supplication we as Christians can make a great difference in the city around us.  Today let us pray for the place that we live in, for peace to prevail and for the mouth of the wicked to be cleansed.

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


Hands Colour

So the above gives us food for thought to begin to pray for where-ever we are living at the moment.

We can pray for the people that live around us – for them to be nice to each other, to give help when needed especially to  the young Mums and Dads and the older people in the town.

Young people do not need us to interfere with their way of bringing up their children but we can at least pray for them to have wisdom in the decisions that they have to make in our ever changing world.

As for the older people in our town let us pray especially for good health for them and help given where they need it most.

These things are not too hard for us to do because some of us cannot just go out and alter things that we see need to be done in our towns but to pray is something special that as Christians we really need to be doing.

We shall see results of our prayer sometimes and that is a good thing to encourage us to carry on caring for the place where we are living.


May God Bless us today as we pray for the place where we are living at the moment.

* God Bless You *


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Grace and Knowledge


2 Peter: Chapter 3 verse 18

But grow in the grace

and knowledge

of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

 To Him be Glory both now and forever.


Isn’t it lovely to think that we can grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus.  Today as we learn and read more about Him let us ask God Our Father to allow us more grace to really know His Son Jesus, our Saviour, more and more.  Amen.

From the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


Snowflake Purple

I wonder if we have grace and knowledge – how are we using it?


The Lord has given us knowledge – however it is good for us to try and increase that knowledge day by day. We can do that by learning something new i.e. a new craft or by reading we can really expand our knowledge.

It is good to have a vision or a dream of something that we would like to do –

so we will need knowledge to bring that to fruition.

As for Grace – well we need grace to have patience with our family and friends.

We need to have Grace that only The Lord can give us as we continue to live in  this world with Peace and Love that we have when we walk with Jesus day by day.

With Grace and Knowledge we can give Glory to God our Heavenly Father for all the Blessings that he gives us day by day.

Even if there is only one small thing in your day today that you are happy and content with  –

that is a small start to be thankful for.

Snowflake Purple

*God Bless You Today with the Grace and Love of Jesus* 


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Are we Humble?


1 Peter: Chapter 5 verse 6

Humble yourselves,

therefore,  under God’s mighty hand,

that He may lift you up in due time.


Do you realize that when we do humble ourselves, to God – He does lift us up out of what ever situation we are in.  If only we would remember and pray more humbly and quickly when we are in a difficult situation we shall be delivered out of it much sooner.

Taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.




Well it could mean being modest, meek, respectful, also other things of course.

But to start off with it makes us think – are we being respectful of our elders, our friends and especially respectful of our own children and brothers and sisters?  

It is not easy to be HUMBLE – we cannot always easily be MEEK, we want things our own way, likewise how about being MODEST?.  Modest could mean to dress appropriately for whatever circumstances we are going to be in for the day. To be clean and tidy in our appearance.  Also not to show off parts of our body in an unholy way.  To show respect for other peoples feelings.

Let us be humble enough to listen while others talk to us, not to keep interrupting and putting words into their mouths. Wait to hear what they are really saying – not what we think they are saying……we may even learn something from them.

Today: let us practice being HUMBLE

Have a lovely day today – may The Lord Jesus  help us all to be more humble in our daily living…..that of course means myself as well as other Christians.



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