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Feeling Lonely?

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Are you feeling lonely today?

Are you feeling lonely today?  How about submitting yourself afresh to Jesus, ask Him to come into your life even more to-day.

Then thank Him for all your blessings and pray with the help of ….. The Holy Spirit.


If you have never asked Jesus into your heart,

now is a good time to ask Him to come in. 

With God The Father, Jesus Christ His Son plus The Holy Spirit in your life, you will never be on your own again because you are immediately Born into God’s Spiritual Kingdom.

Then let a Christian know that you have done this.  Because the declaration of your faith makes it become active!

We who are Christians know this to be true and know that it is good to submit ourselves afresh to God each day.


If you are not sure still how to become a Christian here is a Prayer you can pray:

Born Again Prayer

Naked:- Job: Chapter 1 verse 21.

 Mother& Child

Job: Chapter 1 verse 21.

“Naked I came from my mothers’ womb

and naked I shall depart.

 The Lord gave and The LORD has taken away;

may the Name of The LORD be praised”


The above was said by Job and it is true, naked we came into this world and naked we shall leave it.  So while we are here let us bless those around us as best we can, especially our family.  Let us see them enjoy some of the assets we would eventually leave them when we die by giving now while we are alive.

 Let us share in their enjoyment.

Maybe it could be just a special little heirloom we are saving for them , or, maybe finance we are saving for them.  If they are in need as some young families are, let us be gracious and try to help.

Today let us remember  –  we cannot take any thing with us when we go, that also includes our love.  Let them know you love them.  Our families do need our love more than maybe they or we realize.

 The LORD surely blesses us us as we bless others.

 Today let us think on our nakedness

before  –  The LORD.


Father & Son

May God Bless you today.


Luke: Chapter 13 verse 3

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

Luke: Chapter 13 verse 3.

I tell you no!

But unless you repent,

you too will all perish.


Jesus said the above words  –   you may like to read a bit more of that Chapter to know what it is about.

Surely it is a small price for us to pay,

to repent and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!


Well what does it mean to repent…..

As far as I know it means that we are very sorry for the wrong things that we have done or are doing in our life and would like God to forgive us.  As soon as we ask Him to forgive us,(that means we are repenting of doing those wrong things).  It also means that we do not want to do them again.  Then we can ask Jesus to accept us just as we are and He will.

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

To acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour in your life is a marvellous thing.  To know that you have repented and will go to Heaven when you leave this Earth is something to look forward to.


May God Bless you today – so that you can be a Blessing to others.


Psalm: 95 verse 6


 Psalm: 95  verse  6

Come, let us bow down in worship,

let us kneel before

The LORD our Maker.


The LORD God is our maker,

He made us especially for Himself,

what a privilege to kneel

before The Maker of the Universe.



Yes Jesus Love’s You


Luke: Chapter 10 verse 20

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Luke:  Chapter 10 verse 20.


do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you

but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven”


Jesus said this to His disciples,

if it applied to them it certainly applies to us.

It is marvellous to think that our names as Christians

are written in a book in Heaven.


You may like to read the whole reply that Jesus said:

starting at verse 18.

It is certainly something that we should be very glad of.

I Pray that God will Bless you

and your family today.