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Worldly Things


Psalm 23 verse 3

He restores my soul,

He guides me in paths

of righteousness

for His name’s sake.


Thank you LORD that you restore my soul, so that I do not long for worldly things but can walk in righteousness to the best of the ability that you give me today.  Amen.


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Here is a Prayer – mainly about Righteousness – hope you like it – For myself I think that is is special and that it can help us walk closer to God our Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Prayer is taken from the Book “Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R.Larman.

It is good to read the above prayer but it is only worthwile to PRAY this prayer if we really mean it.


So there we are then, if our Soul is happy and content we need not crave or long for lots of worldly things.  Really, we are supposed to be content in all circumstances knowing that God will supply all our needs in Christ Jesus when we belong to Him.  How wonderful it is to belong to the living God and not to an inhuman idol that cannot walk or talk or heal or sing.  The idols have no soul but we have one and our God does restore our Soul when necessary.

* May God Bless you today with all that you need *






Wisdom – do you have it?

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James: Chapter 1 verse 5

If any of you lacks wisdom,

he should ask God,

who gives generously to all

without finding fault

and it will be given to him.


I love wisdom, how about you?  How ever naive or unskilled we are, if we ask God for wisdom He gives it to us  –  the above verse says  –  generously.  We can all be wise but we must remember to ask for wisdom, what a privilege to be able to ask and receive!

The above is taken from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Yellow Scroll

Here us a nice clean Scroll……. we do need Wisdom to be able to write something sensible on it.  Just a small amount of Wisdom is all we need to write something.  But to write something really important or to try to judge what is right or wrong we need maybe a bit more Wisdom.

Remember – Solomon aked God for Wisdom – you can read about Solomon in – (1Kings: Chapter 3) in your Holy Bible.

Wisdom helps us to make wise decisions which was something that Solomon was able to do when he had to intervene in a dispute by the two women.

Let us try to be wise today and each day as we continue to walk in peace and love with each other while we live on this earth.

I Pray that God will bless you with extra Wisdom when you need it – but – yes there is a but – and that but is that you need to Ask before you can receive.

* Have a lovely Day *

* God Bless you *



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Can you Sing?

Singing Lady

Psalm 13 verse 6

I will sing to


for He as been

good to me.


The LORD loves to hear us sing,

so what are we waiting for  –  Let us: Sing,

sing, sing  – today.


The above is from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


Do you know that God gave us each a voice and one of the things He likes us to do with it is to Sing – mainly to sing to Him.  There are so many lovely Songs and Hymns that we can sing.

If you can talk you cannot say that you can’t sing, because it does not matter if you cannot compete with others with your voice because yours is special to God our Heavenly Father and He likes to hear you Sing and Praise Him with your own voice.

Even in the shower, the car, the house, outside in the garden or just walking along you can use your voice to sing quietly or out loud.  However the best songs will come when you sing them as a prayer from your heart as a blessing to The Lord Jesus.

If you ask The Holy Spirit I am pretty sure He will help you to Sing – especially in the Congregation in your Church, think how lovely to have the Angels sing with you in the Congregation.

Well how about putting on a C.D. and just singalong with it while doing the housework or chores around the house where you live.  Remember that depression starts to flee away when we sing – as long as it is something nice that we like.

Angel with Trumpet

Let the Trumpet sound and let our voice be heard to Praise The Lord our God.  Amen.


* God Bless you today  –

as you may try a new Song *


Have you Sinned?


Reverse Copy of Scraperboard Drawing

Romans Chapter 3  verse 23.

“For all have sinned


come short

of the glory of God”


It sad that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. But Jesus has forgiven our sins and we can press on today knowing that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  So don’t be weighed down by sin, if you have committed a fresh sin, repent, ask Jesus to forgive you, thank Him and press on in faith and have a good day.

The above is taken from the book “Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R. Larman.


Well there we are then – how about a fresh start today to look at what really is sin in our life.  It could be anything small or big, it is all the same to God our Heavenly Father whether we tell a lie or commit a terrible crime….sin is sin…

God sent His only Son Jesus to forgive us and save us from the evil one.  So we have to try to not give in to things that are not Godly.

When we have Jesus in our life it is a bit easier to stand firm and try our best not to give in to unholy things, even like gossip, pride, stealing, lying, there is quite a long list I think but we can overcome with the help of The Holy Spirit, who is our comforter and guide.


Hands Colour

God Bless You Today.

I Pray that you and me can have a Sinless Day.