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Jessie' Story Front Cover 2013

I am the baby in the above photo and it has been good to be brought up in a family that shares the Love of God.


1 Corinthians  Chapter 13 verse 1

……………but if I have not love,

I am only a resounding gong

or a clanging cymbal.


Imagine being empty and sounding like a clanging cymbal, we do need to be filled with love, the kind of love that only Jesus can give us. To receive His love so that we can give it out to others we really must want the love of God our Heavenly Father and of Jesus Christ His Son to be in our hearts.  By the Holy Spirit we then can share the Love of the Lord.

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by:J.M.R.Larman.


So do we have love in our heart

for someone

or something?


We do need to have love in our hearts for our family and friends, our pets, our neighbours.  Also for those lost souls in the world who do not know The Lord Jesus.

Just think if we do not share the love of Jesus our Lord with others how will they come to have that special love in their hearts that they too can give or show to others.

Well  –   if we have not asked Jesus to come into our hearts and take charge of our life…..then no, we do not have the LOVE OF GOD in our hearts to give out to the world.

Why not invite Jesus in today?


May God Bless you today with



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Sheep P and Ink

Psalm 8 verse 1


our LORD,

how Majestic is your name

in all the Earth!


Your Name is Majestic in all the Earth God.  No other name can ever match your Name and the Name of Jesus.  Your Name Jesus is beautiful, the Name above all Names.  May we praise your name God our Heavenly Father and the Name of Jesus with all  that is within us today.

The above is from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Jesus (Text)


What about our Names then?

Do you like your Name?

You can of course change it if you like but not a good idea!   Mainly because family love your name or they would not have given it to you.

Also all your friends know you by the name that you have…….

God our Heavenly Father knows our names.

When we become a Christian our Names are written in Lamb’s Book of Life.

Sheep P and Ink

What an incredible honour

– yes it tells us this in the Bible –

Revelation Chapter 21 verse 27


*May God Bless your NAME today*

Have a lovely Day


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Perfect Gift

Painting Cross Vision

This was a commisson painting that I did a few years ago.

James Chapter 1 verse 17

Every good and perfect gift

is from above

and cometh down from

The Father of lights,

with whom is no variableness,

neither shadow of turning.


Think of all the wonderful gifts that have been poured down to us from the Father of lights, Our Father in Heaven.  He gives so graciously to us, who often are not worthy to receive.  He loves us so much that He loves to bless us with perfect gifts.  I thank you Heavenly Father for all the marvellous gifts you have given me, my family, my health, my food, my shelter, my friends, my work the list is undending like your goodness to me is never-ending.  Thank you Heavenly Father.  Amen.

This is from the Book:   ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


BlueStar Ani

It makes us think when we read these words in the Bible, each edition says things a bit differently but in essence they still mean the same.

Like it says in the  Bible – with God there is no shadow of turning.  So it is good to count our Blessings.  He does not take them back, once He has given them to us.

There is one of course that likes to rob us of our blessings and we all know who that is.

Let us walk in truth and righteousness and treasure the good things that we have, apart from our family etc, there may be a special gift that a friend has given us.  There is always something to be grateful for even when we are going through difficult times, it is then that we need to focus on the gift of Jesus that God sent into the world for our sakes.

Have a lovely Day today and cherish the PERFECT GIFTS that God has given especially to you.

This comes with Love and Blessings from me.


Blue Feather

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Evil is not Good.


Psalm  5  verse 4

You are not a God

who takes pleasure in evil,

with you

the wicked cannot dwell.


As Christians let us not take pleasure in any of the evil things in the world.  If we continue to be wicked, we know that we cannot live in the Kingdom of God because He hates evil.. God loves us but does not like any of our evil ways.  So let us get rid of anything that is not pleasing to God if we can today.

Taken from the Book: Drink from the Cup. by: J.M.R.Larman.

Cup Red Ani1


What may we be doing today that God our Father in Heaven would not be happy with.  I am not really sure about that, maybe during the day we may get angry with someone, or we may swear (i.e. use bad language), some people seem to need to steal things, some do the opposite of what they are asked to do just to be in charge of the situation.

There seems to be a lot of evil in the world – if you look around or watch or listen to the News.

We cannot just look at the evil in the world

and not look at our own sins for the day.

Let us try to help each other now and in the coming weeks, the thing that God says in The Word (in the Bible) is ‘to love one another as He has loved us’

Well it is worth a try – to share a kind word – with whoever we meet today.

I hope we have a lovely Day sharing the Love of God, so that our evil ways – our sinful ways- do not have a hold on us.

We need to take one day at a time.

That is the best most of us can do.

*  God Bless You  *


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Arrangement for you today.


James Chapter 1 verse 26

If anyone considers himself religious

and yet does not keep

a tight rein on his tongue,

he deceives himself

and hs religion

is worthless.

Today let us be extra careful of the words we use, a good thought is to not use any derogatory words or negative words.  We really must try hard to keep a tight rein on our tongue, if we use uplifting words it should make all the difference to those who come before us today.   Especially those who need a kind word from someone.

The above is from the book  ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R. Larman


When we speak to someone we need to remember that we cannot retract the words that are said.  We all know what it is like to think that we should not have said something maybe in haste or in an argument that we dearly regretted afterwards.

But there we are, if we are able to apologize that is good, the thing is though we need to confess our sin to God our Heavenly Father and ask Jesus to forgive us.  Only then can we have peace of mind when we know that we are forgiven.

Then we must act as if we are



put on a happy face.

Let us ask God to put a tight rein on our tongue today, especially if we feel we need to confront someone for any reason. 


God Bless you today

 –  Have a lovely Day –

with Blessings that will come forth from your own tongue

to Brighten someone’s day.

Snowflake Purple

Remember God so loved the World that He gave His only Son Jesus that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting Life.