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Today is a New Day


Psalm 1 verse 1

Blessed is the man

that walketh not

in the counsel

of the ungodly…..


Today is a new day, let us not walk in or listen to the counsel of those who are ungodly, let us be guided by The Holy Spirit of Jesus and have a lovely day.


The above is taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’


It is lovely to be guided by the Holy Spirit and not to listen to others who may be advising us in the wrong way.

Sometimes we would rather listen to our friends suggestion that we do things their way.  Well we do all want to do things our own way and think that our friends may be right if it suits us better than waiting on God.

Today is a New Day…….so we can practice trying to listen to The Holy Spirit when we are trying to make a special decision about something.

Let us remember that He is waiting for us to talk to Him and also to ask His help for anything that we are thinking about.  He is always with us and I am sure He loves to help us.

I Hope you have a lovely Day Today remembering – that it is a –

* New Day *

* God  Bless you *


A Son

Jesus (Text)

St. John: Chapter 1 verse 12

But as many as received Him,

to them gave He power

to become the sons of God,

even to them that

believed on His name:


We must believe on the Name of Jesus if we want to be a Son of God.  Are you a Son of God?  If not how about inviting Jesus into your heart today, even this minute, so that you can be a Son of the most High God.  It is something us as Christians treasure, having Jesus in our hearts.


The above is taken from the book:
‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.



To be a Son of God is a bit different than being a Son of your earthly Father.  How can we describe the difference – well that is difficult if you have not experienced it for yourself.

One of the main things is that when you are a Son of God then He is your Heavenly Father, you belong to His family with Jesus His Son as your Saviour and Brother, with  The Holy Spirit (that is The Spirit of Jesus that Jesus sent to be with us when He went back up to Heaven).

So we not only have Jesus in our hearts but the whole Trinity

– Father, Son and Holy Ghost –

We are never alone.

So when our earthly father dies and is gone from this life, we as Christians have our Heavely Father with us forever through Jesus Christ our Lord.

That can be a great comfort to know this.


Have a lovely Day today knowing that as a Christian we are never alone.

Snowflake Purple

Be Kind


Proverbs Chapter 14 verse 31.

He who oppresses the poor

shows contempt for their Maker

 but whoever is kind to the needy

honours God.


Who of us that belong to God would want to oppress the poor? However this does seem to happen sometimes without us even knowing until it is pointed out to us  by God.  The poor are not only those without financial or worldly goods but are those poor souls without Jesus.  The kindest thing we can do is to tell them about Him as well as befriending them.

               The above is taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’                                    by J.M.R. Larman.



Let us see how nice it is to be kind to one another.  Sometimes just a smile will do.  Other times we may need to do a bit more to be kind to those we love.  How often do we take our families for granted expecting them to do things for us and grumbling when they don’t.  Well – maybe we should look at our own attitude remembering that we will honour God our Heavenly Father when we take time to appreciate those who are in our care.

It is good to let others know that we have Jesus in our lives and as Christians encourage others to want to know why.

God Bless you today if you are a Christian and also if you are not maybe you may decide to become one.  It is very easy – just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life, how about that then?………..Well one day you may give it a go……..

To Repent means: that you do not want to do that bad thing again whatever it is or was.

Have lovely day today.

Snowflake Purple

Fertile Field


Painting by J.M.R.Larman.


Isaiah: Chapter 32: verses 15-16.

Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high

and the desert becomes a fertile field

and the fertile field seems like a forest.

 Justice will dwell in the desert

and righteousness live in the fertile field.


Praise The Lord that He pours out His Spirit upon us without measure when we ask of Him and walk in obedience to God our Father.  We too can then become like a fertile field even maybe like a forest of goodness for The Lord.

 Taken from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


Hellooooooooooo – it looks like we need to ask The Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit on us,  otherwise we cannot even be obedient to God without help.  Also we need to pray that His Spirit can be poured out on our Land to bring a harvest to fruition, for Creation to flourish for us to enjoy.  It would be marvellous for the Desert to Bloom, just imagine what a wonderful thing that would be.

In this part of Australia we are famous for being a Wild Flower State, during Spring the North West begins to Bloom with acres and acres of Wild Flowers, you can drive for eight hours and see the colourful display of them not touched by human hands.  Acres of Pinks then Yellows then Purples a lovely sight to behold it feels just like driving through Heaven with beautiful fragrance.

Have a lovely Day and may God Bless you with His Holy Spirit operating in your Heart…..

also in mine please Lord. Amen.