Today is a New Day


Psalm 1 verse 1

Blessed is the man

that walketh not

in the counsel

of the ungodly…..


Today is a new day, let us not walk in or listen to the counsel of those who are ungodly, let us be guided by The Holy Spirit of Jesus and have a lovely day.


The above is taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’


It is lovely to be guided by the Holy Spirit and not to listen to others who may be advising us in the wrong way.

Sometimes we would rather listen to our friends suggestion that we do things their way.  Well we do all want to do things our own way and think that our friends may be right if it suits us better than waiting on God.

Today is a New Day…….so we can practice trying to listen to The Holy Spirit when we are trying to make a special decision about something.

Let us remember that He is waiting for us to talk to Him and also to ask His help for anything that we are thinking about.  He is always with us and I am sure He loves to help us.

I Hope you have a lovely Day Today remembering – that it is a –

* New Day *

* God  Bless you *


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