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Spiritual Blessings

 Cornocopia   Cornocopia

 Ephesians:  Chapter 1 verse 3.

Praise be to the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who has blessed us in the heavenly realms

with every spiritual blessing

in Christ.


Can you ever imagine all the beautiful spiritual blessings that we have been given? Just sit and think for a moment on some of them  –  then, what about the earthly blessings that we have. God loves us so much He really wants us to have the best of His blessings.

 I wonder what special blessing is in store for us today?



So what are the Spiritual Blessings

that we have?

Let us have a think…. First would be our Salvation that Jesus really did die on the Cross for us.  We cannot really imagine how that could be but we can accept that He did it for us to become Sons of the Living God i.e. our Father in Heaven.

Spiritual Blessings can be Peace, Love, Joy, Contentment, Healing, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and normal everyday Commonsense etc.,

Also Earthly Blessings…

What could they be….well we can have another think….we have families, friends, food and shelter, finance.  But one really nice thing to think about is that we have all things that were made at the time of Creation….NOT Evolution.  Look around at the beautiful things that our God has made, none of us can make even a birds feather, a flower, the wind, the waves, the seas, the fish and animals.  Also he has made our Brothers and Sisters here and throughout this earth the we live on.

Let us Praise the God and Father of:

our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless You Today with whatever Blessings you have.

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Blameless Life ?

Rocky Pool

Painting: Rocky Pool. N.W. Australia. by: J.M.R. Larman.

Proverbs:  19  verse 1

 Better a poor man

whose walk is  blameless

than a fool

whose lips are perverse.


We may not be rich financially but how precious it is to live a blameless life.

 Peace of mind and heart is wonderful to have,

so today let us come blameless before our God.

Taken from Book: Drink from the Cup. Author -J.M.R. Larman.


 Father & Son

How lovely it is to walk hand in hand or side by side with our loved ones and that our lips do not say dreadful things to them.

 Let our lips not be perverse as the above Proverb say’s.

 Let us be try to be blameless in all that we say and do.

It is difficult sometimes of course but if we take one day at a time  –  that is a good thing to do  –

I pray that you have a lovely day today walking with your own loved ones in truth and fellowship with your family and friends.

Let us walk with Jesus Christ our Lord.




Healing ?

St.George's Anglican Church

The above is one of my Pen/Ink Drawings of St. George’s Church in N.W. Australia.


Luke:  Chapter 14 verse 3

Jesus asked….

“is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath

or not?


If you are not sure of the answer please read the above Scripture.

As Christians we do really know that Jesus is our Healer,

so let us pray and receive our healing each new day.


The above is from the Book: Drink from the Cup of Heavenly Blessings.

Well what do you think – is it lawful or not – that was what Jesus was asking the people.

The thing is this – if one of your animals is sick or in some sort of trouble you can’t just leave it to die, you would immediately go to rescue it.

If you go to Church on a Sunday (Sabbath) surely it is good to pray for healing for those who are in need of any kind of  help, whether it be sickness in their body, family or maybe struggling with finance.

Jesus say’s that as Christians we do have authority to heal on the Sabbath.  We are in charge of the Sabbath not the Sabbath in charge of us.   So with The Holy Spirit of Jesus in us we can be confident that – yes – it is lawful to heal on the Sabbath.

Whatever day you choose once a week to be your Sabbath for God, you do not just have to sit and do nothing and wait for the next working day to heal or help someone.


May He Bless us today with good Health and Happiness.

I Pray the JOY of The Lord Jesus ……be with you……



God Bless You.

Leaders of our Nations

Eagle Animation1

Psalm:  98 verse 2

The LORD has made His salvation known


revealed His righteousness

to the Nations.


We need to pray for the Nations – that they remember the righteousness of The LORD. The Leaders of the Nations need our Prayers so they may govern in righteous.

Today is a good day to pray afresh for all Nations on Earth to come to the knowledge and love of God.


You may like to pray this Prayer below – taken from The Book of Prayers by: J.M.R.Larman.


 A Prayer for the Government.

I would like to thank you for our Government God.

Would you Bless them all today who are working in the Government of this Country please, so that they may Govern righteously and truthfully each day.  May our Parliamentarians come to know Jesus as Lord of their lives so that eventually we could possibly have a truly Christian Government.

I pray for good health for our Government workers,  especially for the Prime Minister, for your divine protection of him as he travels around the world promoting good relationships towards this Country.

Lord I pray for all people in authority, every government Dept.,  throughout the world for their thoughts and actions to be righteous especially now in this world today with all it’s problems.  Please bless all Government workers and heads of State, Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and Ambassadors in every Country throughout world, keep them safe in your care.

Let them remember that people are precious and that they are working for us not just for themselves and their friends, that we need to be governed with propriety and in the love of The Lord Jesus.

Let us not judge them too harshly when they make mistakes making laws that we are not in agreement with.  We know that you will judge them God when the time comes for some of the outrageous laws that have been passed that are not in agreement with your word in the Bible.  May wrong laws be rescinded and the correct ones put in their place.  Give the members of Parliament boldness to vote with a clear conscience on future debates and laws that will be right for governing our Country.   Amen.


May God Bless us and our Families today with 

The Love of Jesus His Son.