Spiritual Blessings

 Cornocopia   Cornocopia

 Ephesians:  Chapter 1 verse 3.

Praise be to the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who has blessed us in the heavenly realms

with every spiritual blessing

in Christ.


Can you ever imagine all the beautiful spiritual blessings that we have been given? Just sit and think for a moment on some of them  –  then, what about the earthly blessings that we have. God loves us so much He really wants us to have the best of His blessings.

 I wonder what special blessing is in store for us today?



So what are the Spiritual Blessings

that we have?

Let us have a think…. First would be our Salvation that Jesus really did die on the Cross for us.  We cannot really imagine how that could be but we can accept that He did it for us to become Sons of the Living God i.e. our Father in Heaven.

Spiritual Blessings can be Peace, Love, Joy, Contentment, Healing, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and normal everyday Commonsense etc.,

Also Earthly Blessings…

What could they be….well we can have another think….we have families, friends, food and shelter, finance.  But one really nice thing to think about is that we have all things that were made at the time of Creation….NOT Evolution.  Look around at the beautiful things that our God has made, none of us can make even a birds feather, a flower, the wind, the waves, the seas, the fish and animals.  Also he has made our Brothers and Sisters here and throughout this earth the we live on.

Let us Praise the God and Father of:

our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless You Today with whatever Blessings you have.

 BlueStar Ani




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