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Not Ashamed


Romans: Chapter 1 verse 16.

For I am not ashamed


the Gospel of Christ.


I pray that we too are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.  That we will speak to unbelievers about Jesus and not be embarrassed or ashamed to mention His Name anbd tell them what He has done for us.



Well………..are you ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…..?????

Are you frightened to tell people that you beleive in Jesus ?

Are you frightened that they may think you are away with the fairies ?

If you are frightened that unbleivers will not go to Heaven when they die……..then……….you will not be frightened to tell them about the Gospel of Christ.

Tell them that Jesus is real….Tell them what you believe is the Truth written in the Holy  Bible.

Keep things simple – just tell them Jesus really did come to this Earth that we live on to save our Souls….. Yes we do all have a Soul and yes we do have a right to believe or not to believe.

God has given us Free Will – we are not puppets.

We can chose whether we go to Heaven or Hell.

God has got feelings and would love us to belong to His family with Jesus Christ His Son.


This gives us food for thought to think about.

Have a lovely day while you make your decision

That is if you have not already decided where you would like your Soul to spend Eternity when it  leaves this Earth.


I pray that God will bless you to make the right decision for yourself…… only you have the right to decide what is  best for you.  Not your friends, not your parents, nobody else just you can make this decision.

I made my decision to have Jesus in my life.

God Bless You.



Prisoner for The Lord


Drawing by: Artist J.Larman.


Ephesians:  Chapter 4 verse 1

As a prisoner for The Lord,

then I urge you to live a life

worthy of the calling

you have received.


What a wonderful thing it is when God Himself has called us into His Kingdom.  What an honour to be a prisoner for Jesus. It’s only with His help that we can ever be truly worthy of the calling we have received to work for the Kingdom of God.


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So –  if we are Christians we need to try to be worthy and do some work at least for The Kingdom of God.

I do know that we do not have to work for our Salvation as it is already ours when we invite Jesus into our lives having then repented of our sins and have been forgiven of them.

Therefore one of the things that we can do for God our Father in Heaven would be a good thing to try not to do that sin again. Then how good would we feel that being a prisoner of Jesus we can do that for Him.

If you happen to feel that you are living in a prison at the moment, either in your home or a relationship – remember what the disciples did when they were in a real prison……?

Well they sangwhat a privilege to be able to sing out loud or in our hearts to God and thank Him for our Salvation which no-one can take away from us.

Praise The Lord.

I pray that you have a lovely Day today and all through the coming week.

* Rejoice in being


Prisoner for Jesus *



The Way is…..

Jesus (Text)

St. John: Chapter 14 verse 6

Jesus answered,

“I am the way and the truth and the life.

 No-one comes to The Father

except through me”


No other religion anywhere can go to God our Father in Heaven unless they accept Jesus Christ as Lord.  We must invite Jesus into our hearts for our own spirit in us to be Born Again into the Kingdom of God.  I praise The Lord that I have done that, what about yourself, remember today is a good day, if you have not already done so.


Well that give us food for thought dosn’t it?

If you are not sure how to be Born Again into Gods Kingdom – well all you have to do is to say to God that you repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life.

That sounds very easy dosn’t it?

But you have to be sincere and really mean it.  If you do, you may find that your addictions (if you have any) will start to be less important to you and you may have a lovely peace and contentment in your heart and life.

Also you can then look forward – knowing that when you leave this life you will go to be in Heaven with Jesus the Christ, God’s true Son.

That is really worth thinking about.

You do need to tell a Christian that you have taken this important step – because speaking out is an action of Faith and is a real confirmation that you are truly Born Again into the Kingdom of God.

Then you can start to Read The Holy  Bible

(that is the Word of God)

May God Bless you

if you are making this important

committment today

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Sheep without Blemish

Sheep P and Ink

Psalm  100 verse 3

Know that The LORD is God.

It is He who made us and we are His,

we are His people,

the sheep of His pasture.


It’s incredible to know that we have a Shepherd, who cares enough for us, that He sent His only Son Jesus to be slain on the Cross as a Sheep without  blemish for our sins.

Let us try to be sheep without blemish.

Shall we start afresh today?

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’


Snowflake Purple

Well the thing is – how do we become a Sheep without Blemish?

It seems most unlikely that we can ever be a Sheep without Blemish.

But –  when we repent of our sins – surprise – surprise – Jesus forgives us and the Blemish of that or those sins that we repent of are washed away.

So that would be a Blemish gone.

–  But Wait  –

Are there more things we need to repent of so that we can be Blemish Free  i.e. Do we have a sin of – Anger, Addiction, Vioence, Unholy thoughts, Gossip, Slander, Gluttony, Self Indulgence.

Well with all that to think about I may never be a Sheep without Blemish!

But there is hope – we must take one Day at a Time and rejoice that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour and He loves us Just as We Are.

However, I am sure that He hopes because we belong as Sheep in His fold (His Kingdom) we will try with His help to get rid of ungodly things.



Have a LOVELY Day Today

God Bless You & me for trying to be –

A Sheep without Blemish.


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