Prisoner for The Lord


Drawing by: Artist J.Larman.


Ephesians:  Chapter 4 verse 1

As a prisoner for The Lord,

then I urge you to live a life

worthy of the calling

you have received.


What a wonderful thing it is when God Himself has called us into His Kingdom.  What an honour to be a prisoner for Jesus. It’s only with His help that we can ever be truly worthy of the calling we have received to work for the Kingdom of God.


Snowflake blk

So –  if we are Christians we need to try to be worthy and do some work at least for The Kingdom of God.

I do know that we do not have to work for our Salvation as it is already ours when we invite Jesus into our lives having then repented of our sins and have been forgiven of them.

Therefore one of the things that we can do for God our Father in Heaven would be a good thing to try not to do that sin again. Then how good would we feel that being a prisoner of Jesus we can do that for Him.

If you happen to feel that you are living in a prison at the moment, either in your home or a relationship – remember what the disciples did when they were in a real prison……?

Well they sangwhat a privilege to be able to sing out loud or in our hearts to God and thank Him for our Salvation which no-one can take away from us.

Praise The Lord.

I pray that you have a lovely Day today and all through the coming week.

* Rejoice in being


Prisoner for Jesus *



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