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Let us Talk to Each Other

Yellow Scroll

3 John Chapter 1 verse 14

I hope to see you soon

and we will talk

face to face.


John said the above while writing to his friends and I was just thinking it would be lovely to talk face to face with you.  It is lovely when we as Christians can talk to each other about the love of Jesus isn’t it?  As I can’t see you today to talk to I would like to say that I hope you have a lovely day, God Bless You.

Taken from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R.Larman.


Rose Bud

Well – as you can see on here, I can’t talk to you face to face, so I have put the scroll at the top of the page to remind us that even if we cannot talk face to face we can still communicate by writing to each other.  Even if it is only at special times like Birthdays or Christmas etc., It is still something special to receive a word from a friend.

Then again we can keep in touch by telephone, e-mail, or Skype or Facebook or Twitter etc., etc., 

There is no limit now to how we can keep in touch with family and friends and as Christians that is a really good thing to do.

But how often do we go on our merry way thinking we will get in touch tomorrow or later and sometimes tomorrow never comes.  Have we missed out on talking (not face to face) but talking especially to our loved ones, even to say ‘Hello” maybe the only friendly words they have heard that day.

Yes face to face the ideal way – many of us are far away – so let us pray that today would be a really good day to say that ‘Hello’ to someone we may have been meaning to and have not got around to it.

Anyway it is lovely to talk to you like this – so I hope you have had time to read and know that yes it would be lovely for me to talk to you FACE to FACE.


I pray that you have a lovely day. 

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A Phantom?

Ladiy Singing Painting

Yes I painted it……just copied from one of my Paintings….

I thought it looked a bit Phantom like as it has come out a bit fuzzy on here.

Psalm 39 verse 6

Man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro:

he bustles about but only in vain;

he heaps up wealth,

not knowing who will get it.


Instead of heaping up wealth and belongings let us gladly help our brothers and sisters when they are in need.  Don’t wait until you die to leave your inheritance to your children, help them when they need help.  As you bless others you will be even more blessed, remember you will never out give God.  Every time you bless someone you will feel blessed and you will be blessed.

From Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’. by J.M.R.Larman.


Well –  that is an odd thing to think about i.e. what are we going to do with our THINGS when we leave this earth.  We can’t do any thing about them when we have gone – so maybe a good idea to think about what to do while we are still able to.  (This applies to us older people!!!!!!)

All our THINGS are our children or families inheritance.  So as some of us get that bit older we can of course give some of our possessions away either to family or to friends or to charity shops as the case may be.

Finance is an odd thing to think about giving away but we could help by giving donations sometimes to help others who are in need.

Also if we have families who are bringing up their children they may be pleased to accept a financial gift.  If it is embarrassing to offer –  then it could be done at Christmas, Birthday or Holiday time for them to receive some finance from us that would help.

Yes we are not on this earth really very long, which brings to mind a lovely song I learnt as a child: not sure what it is called now but some of the words are:  ( May my living not be in vain ), let our living be of use while we are here, even to just help one person I am sure God our Heavenly Father will be glad.

Ladiy Singing Painting


* Have a Lovely Day God  Bless You *


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