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Whiter than Snow

BlueStar Ani   BlueStar Ani

Snowflakes are beautiful and are White as Snow.

Psalm 51 verse 7

……”Wash me

and I shall be

whiter than snow.”


Only you O God can cleanse me and make me whiter than snow, continue to take out of me anything that is unclean day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute to enable me to be fit for your Kingdom and to do your work please.                                        Amen.

Taken from book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


How can we become whiter than snow?  Do you think it means that we should get rid of all the unholy things that maybe in us.

Like selfishness, anger, sloth (that is lazyness), greed, meanness, unholyness, addictions (there are lots of different addictions that can take hold of us) they are the really hard ones that we may need a lot of help to be removed from us.

So when we think about it – to be washed clean seems to be an ongoing thing for most of us.

To be clean means to get rid of all the unholy things in our everyday lives.


God Bless You Today wherever you are and whatever you are planning to do today.

I pray that you will feel washed and much cleaner when you repent and give your problems to Jesus Christ our Lord, who cleanses us from all our sins.

Know the Peace and Joy of God today.


Rose Bud
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James:  Chapter 1 verse 3-4

Because you know that

the testing of your faith

develops perseverance.

 Perseverance must finish its work

so that you may be

mature and complete,

not lacking anything.


Reading this we can see that we need to persevere, whatever the task is before us we must press on, we must not give up. Whatever work we have to do today or whatever trouble or concerns are with us, we must persevere for Jesus sake, so that even today we can become that bit more mature in Christ.

Taken from book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


So there we are…….what are we trying to do today that is an effort for us to do or to complete.  We must not give in to those thoughts – that is all too hard.

If we are a Christian we can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us.  He is our helper and comforter.  But remember this although Jesus knows our needs, God our Heavenly Father will not do the work for us.  He likes us to ask His help.

Yes, He does help us but not always in the way that we would like, because somethings we ask for that we would like to do are not possibly the best at that particular time of asking.

But we must persevere –  when we persevere with whatever it is, we are becoming more mature.

Then just think……what a joy it is when we have overcome and completed the task that we thought was too hard for us.

Even simple tasks seem like a mountain sometimes but – if we take one step at a time we can overcome – that is perseverance I believe.

As Christians we are to persevere, especially if we are called to work in the Kingdom of God while we are on this earth.


Let us work with the Joy of The Lord Today.  Amen.

* God Bless You Have a lovely Day Today *





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Proverbs:  Chapter 1  verse 7

The fear of The LORD is the beginning

of knowledge

but fools despise wisdom

and instruction.


I think I shall ask The LORD for more knowledge and wisdom today.  I do not want to be a fool.  I pray that I do have the fear of The LORD and I certainly do not despise wisdom and knowledge.  For my part I know that I do love wisdom and knowledge.

I do know that I definitely need more!

Thank you LORD God that you continue to fill me afresh each day.

Also with the knowledge and love of Jesus.

Taken from  ‘Drink from the Cup’ book by:J.M.R.Larman.


Blue Feather

Well then what are we waiting for, just think we are priviliged to be able to ask God our Heavenly Father for more knowledge and wisdom.

Then of course we are to use it to the best of the ability  that God gives us. 

A good thing to ask for as well is discernment……so that we can discern what we are about to do at any particular time in our livcs.  Day by day we need help with the decisions that we are to make in our every day living.  We live only by the grace of God.  As we said last time our God is an Awesome God.  Just to think He alone gives us the knowlege and wisdom that we need to live our everyday lives here on this earth.

What a privelidge it is to belong to the one true Living God who is our Heavenly Father.

I pray that you recieve  ‘The Peace of The Lord” today in your heart, through Jesus Christ our Lord.    Especially if you are a Christian living with The Holy Spirit dwelling in you where ever you are at the moment.


Have a lovely Day

 –  *  God Bless You *  –




Purple Angel

My Angel Drawing;


Psalm: 47 verse 2

How awesome is

the LORD Most High,

the great King

over all the earth!


* God is awesome* 

Imagine how beautiful He must  be surrounded by angels and by glorious light.

What a privilege to belong to Him.

When we go home to heaven we shall see Him as He is!

Taken from the book:’Drink from the Cup’ by;J.M.R.Larman.

Snowflake blk

This is my picture of a Snowflake.

I would just like to say today that when we go to heaven, like it says above, that we shall see Him as He is….that is our God of course……..

Well imagine this – He can see us as we are today –

We are all individuals, all different as people, just as Snowflakes are differnt but are still Snowflakes.

 God made everyone according to a pattern.

So we are made, according to a pattern.

We are made in the image of God.


So you see we did not evolve from monkey’s or ape’s or any other sort of creature.  They are made from God’s pattern for them, so we are made Praise the Lord in His image just like God’s Son Jesus who did not evolve from any animal species.

This is all what I believe:

Creation is what our God made,

including us Human Beings

just as we are.

* Praise The Lord…..*

**I hope you Have a lovely Day **

Snowflake Purple


Do you Love Money?


1 Timothy: Chapter 6 verses 5 – 6

……, who have been robbed of the truth

and who think that godliness

is a means to financial gain.

 But godliness with content is great gain.


This Scripture applies to those who love money, yes we do need money and we have to work to earn it but we must not make it a god in our lives.  Because God supplies all our needs, we cannot think that we can pray  –  please God send me a fortune in money.  Best to read the above Scripture to get a really good meaning of this for our lives today, then get on with our Godly living in the knowledge  that God supplies all our needs, financial or otherwise.

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman




We must remember that when we trust in God to supply all our needs – it can sometimes be like a Cornucopia which is filled with all good things.

God knows our needs even before we ask or pray about them – but remember He does like us to ask.

Sometime He does not allow some of our requests because being an all knowing God He knows that some things we ask for are not really good for us.

That includes saying –  please God give me a million dollars or a bigger and better car, or house or anything else that you think we can ask for that may not really be good for us!

So what is best to do or pray for then?

Well, we can pray – Dear Lord God our Heavenly Father, please help me, you know what my needs are, I am not sure how best to pray, so please would you send the help I need today and in the days to come.  I thank you that you do know me, please hear my prayer.  Amen.

You see it can sometimes be just a simple prayer, just talk to God in a normal way.

If you don’t feel you can do that –  another way is to pray ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ which includes everything that we need to ask for.

BlueStar Ani

I Pray that God our Father in Heaven supplies all your special needs today and in the future.  Amen

* God Bless You *


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