Whiter than Snow

BlueStar Ani   BlueStar Ani

Snowflakes are beautiful and are White as Snow.

Psalm 51 verse 7

……”Wash me

and I shall be

whiter than snow.”


Only you O God can cleanse me and make me whiter than snow, continue to take out of me anything that is unclean day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute to enable me to be fit for your Kingdom and to do your work please.                                        Amen.

Taken from book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


How can we become whiter than snow?  Do you think it means that we should get rid of all the unholy things that maybe in us.

Like selfishness, anger, sloth (that is lazyness), greed, meanness, unholyness, addictions (there are lots of different addictions that can take hold of us) they are the really hard ones that we may need a lot of help to be removed from us.

So when we think about it – to be washed clean seems to be an ongoing thing for most of us.

To be clean means to get rid of all the unholy things in our everyday lives.


God Bless You Today wherever you are and whatever you are planning to do today.

I pray that you will feel washed and much cleaner when you repent and give your problems to Jesus Christ our Lord, who cleanses us from all our sins.

Know the Peace and Joy of God today.


Rose Bud

e-book = Flowers for the Altar 


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