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No Shame

Sheep P and Ink

My Pen & Ink Drawing – the face says it all in regard to the passage below.


Isaiah: Chapter 50 verse 7

Because the Sovereign LORD helps me,

I will not be disgraced.

Therefore have I set my face like flint


I know I will not be put to shame.


Know today that The LORD will help you in all circumstances.  You do not have to open your mouth to those who oppose you, pray to The LORD our God and He will vindicate you.  Stand firm in your faith knowing that He is near.

From book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by –  J.M.R.Larman



Well what do we do usually when someone opposes us?

Mainly I think we usually like to retaliate when we are sure we are in the right.

But how much better it would be if we kept quiet and listened to whoever is trying to tell us we are wrong.

We do not have to say a word until they are finished talking then think about what they have been saying.

If we still are sure we are correct, then we can thank them and say that we must beg to differ on the subject.

That really means – we can set our face like flint and we are not put to shame in regard to the problem that has arisen between us.


It is very hard to keep the peace sometimes but we do need to try.

Sheep P and Ink

* God Bless You-Have a Lovely Day *



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Zechariah: Chapter 9 verse 17

For how great is His goodness


how great is His beauty!


How can we comprehend the beauty of God, He must be magnificent.  With Jesus sitting on His right hand side, surrounded by Glory, also with Angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy is The LORD. His beauty must be incredible.

From book: ‘Drink from the Cup’  with  Bible verse from King James version.


What do you  think about God’s goodness especially to us as His people……?

Goodness is different from being good.

Really none of us can claim to be Good only God is Good.   We all fall short of being good in one way or another.  We can try day by day to be better Christians but the fact still remains that God our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit can truly be GOOD.

Angel 1

So what about Goodness then?

Well  GOODNESS I believe is different from being GOOD.  

God showers His GOODNESS on us day by day

What does His GOODNESS consist of:

I  think it consists of our daily needs that He supplies us with. Also – although His beauty is great He allows us to see beauty….think of the lovely Sunsets, the Sunrise –  His GOODNESS would include our family, friends, pets, different foods that we like to enjoy, rest & recreation – as well of the works that He allows us to do.

So it is GOOD to do something GOOD for our God but that does not make us GOOD.

Jesus is the only one who is GOOD that has walked on this earth as a human being, none of us can compare ourselves with Jesus.  Nor should we try to compare ourselves with Him but we can try to walk a Goodly life in the Love of the Lord Jesus who is our Lord and Saviour.

The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep

The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep

I pray that you have a GOOD day in the Love of the LORD.

* Remember we are His Sheep and He cares for us *

–  God Bless You  –


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