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Acts: Chapter 16 verses 14-15.


The Lord opened Lydia’s heart to receive the message of Salvation from Paul.

 Then all her household was baptized.


Maybe you can ask God to open your heart for Jesus Christ to come in to-day,

unless you have already done so.

 If you have – please pray for all those souls who do not know The Lord Jesus,

ask that their hearts be softened to reccive Him, even maybe today.


Psalm: 3 verse 5

Angel 1

I lie down and sleep:

I wake again because The Lord sustains me.

When we sleep our Heavenly Father sees us and looks after us until we wake in the morning.

 He has appointed Angels to guard us.

 We even have our own guardian Angel.

 What a wonderful thought that God loves us so much.


1John Chapter 1 verse 7.

Only the Blood of Jesus Purifies us from sin.
(The Bible tells us this.)
This is true, remember Jesus died on the cross for us as a sacrifice for our sin. We were born as sinful, into a sinful world. When we accept Jesus into our hearts we are washed clean of sin by His Blood.We are then new creatures, we are Born Again of the Spirit. Then although tempted we need never sin, it does not have to have dominion over us.

1John Chapter 5 verse 4

“And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith”
Remember that we need to have absolute faith in God our Heavenly Father,

in Jesus Christ our Lord and in The Holy Spirit.

When we have abundant faith we can certainly overcome

whatever obstacles come before us each day.

Pray Bible Truths

Pray Bible Truths

The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep

The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep


You may like to read some of these passages and Psalms in the Bible for yourself each day, to enable you to become more familiar with the words that God has spoken through Jesus His Son and through the Prophets of old.
May the Lord Jesus Bless you as you read from His Word each day.

Scripture quotations are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Also from: the Authorised King James Version.

We will make a start here and add others now and again.

Psalm 1 verse 1.
Blessed is the man that walketh not in the
counsel of the ungodly…..

Try not to listen to the counsel of the ungodly, walk with The Lord. Pray and ask Him what He would like you to do and say today.
I pray that you may be pleasantly surprised.
Have a lovely day.