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Work and Eat

Station Homestead W.A.

 This is one of my Paintings of a Sheep Station Homestead.

Where people do work for their Daily Bread.

In the Gascoyne Area – North West Australia.


2 Thessalonians: Chapter 3 verse 10

……”If a man will not work,

he shall not eat”


This makes us really think, do we truly work for God in all the ways He wants us to.

He supplies all our food, all our needs; we are not to be bludgers of our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ nor of  the world.

We are to use the gifts He has given us to work for the Kingdom, in everyday ways and in Spiritual ways.


So there we are  –  whether our work is humble or great, we need to get on and do it.  Not wait for others to do for us what we should be doing to earn our daily bread.

If we help others – that is still working for God –  He says in the Commandment’s – Love your neighbour as yourself.  That really means I believe to be friendly towards them, not gush over them with pretend love.

Work for God can be done in many ways, not just for money.

It is surprising what gifts of love come to us in the form of food sometimes in exchange for our help.

God Blesses us day by day, especially as we work for The Kingdom of God.

This is part of my work to send forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hope that you and whoever else reads these Blogs come to  the knowledge and love of The One True God  (that’s if you have not already done so)  who is  –  Our Father in Heaven.

God Bless you with something

nice to eat today.


BlueStar Ani


My Help


Psalm:  121 verse 2

My help comes from The Lord,

the maker of heaven and earth.


Thank you Lord God my help

does come from you.


Have you ever thought about the fact that God really did make the Heavens and the Earth?

I like to look at some of the Travel DVD’s or films that show some of the wonders of our world.

No human being can make a Sunset, we cannot make the wind, or the rain.  The mountains, the waterfalls the wonderful Flowers, Birds, Animals, Butterflies – can you make any of these?  What about the Snow the Birds Feathers? How can people say there is no God.

We do understand that there are many God’s in our lives i.e. the God of money, lust, envy etc., etc.,

But as Christians we believe that the one True God our Father in Heaven made us in the likeness of Jesus Christ his only Son.

We did not evolve and neither did the animals or trees, each are given their own seed to propagate just as God made us all in the first place when he made this earth that we live on at the moment.


You can read about these things in Genesis

in The Holy Bible.


God Bless You Today

Have a lovely Day.

Walk in the JOY of The Lord.

Blameless ?

Oh! That we could be Blameless,

what a blessing we could be to others.

Hands Colour

Psalm:  119 verse 1

Blessed are they whose ways are blameless,

who walk according to the law of




Let us even today try to walk a more blameless life, if we take one day at a time it is not quite so difficult.

We can ask The Holy Spirit to help us and guide us today to become more Christ Like.

How blessed we shall feel when we have done something according to the law of God and not entered into sin for the day.


Well it is a new day today, a whole new day to practice not to get into sin.

So what is sin?

It can be lots of things, our own thoughts for instance can be sinful, our actions can be sinful i.e. like looking at things we should not be looking at.  Also coveting our friends belongings, indulging in bad eating or bad drinking habits, being slothful, lazy…..oh! dear I had better stop as the list goes on and on and on…. so I say Help me Lord!

When I say that He allows The Holy Spirit to help – that is a real blessing, the thing to remember is that we do need to ask.  If we don’t ask we don’t get the help that we need to overcome.

It is lovely to think that we can overcome lots of sinful things just by asking for help.

 Praise The Lord.

Today is a NEW DAY to practice God’s Way.

May God Bless us today as we honour JESUS Christ our Lord.

I pray that we have a lovely overcoming Day today.

BlueStar Ani


Make Music to God

Ladies Singing Painting

Psalm:  92 verse 1

It is good to praise The LORD

and make music to your name,

O Most High.


The Lord Jesus and God our Father loves to hear music either by singing or by playing an instrument.

If you are not gifted to play a musical instrument then lift up your voice and sing.

You cannot say you cannot sing because God gave you your voice and He loves to hear it,

so sing in your house,

sing in the bath or shower,

sing in the car

but best of all sing in the congregation.



Are you Singing – Are you Singing.  ?