Make Music to God

Ladies Singing Painting

Psalm:  92 verse 1

It is good to praise The LORD

and make music to your name,

O Most High.


The Lord Jesus and God our Father loves to hear music either by singing or by playing an instrument.

If you are not gifted to play a musical instrument then lift up your voice and sing.

You cannot say you cannot sing because God gave you your voice and He loves to hear it,

so sing in your house,

sing in the bath or shower,

sing in the car

but best of all sing in the congregation.



Are you Singing – Are you Singing.  ?


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One response to “Make Music to God”

  1. obetty says :

    Hi Jessie I do enjoy your messages. Unfortunately, I cannot sing any more and do miss just what It does for you. Never mind, I have had a lifetime of music which has definitely defined my journey. I sent this message to Melva, from Walpole. Do you remember her from her holidays in Carnarvon? She remembers you and your paintings. Sent from my iPad Love and blessings from Betty



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