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Are we Proud ?

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Psalm 131 verse 1

My hearty is not proud, O LORD,

my eyes are not haughty;

I do not concern myself with great matters

or things

too wonderful for me.


If only we could say this today and mean it!  Can I really say that my heart is not proud, that my eyes are not haughty.  Can I really say that I do not concrn myself with things that I shouldn’t?  I would like to think so but sometimes it is a fearful thing to ask The LORD to search our hearts about these matters isn’t it?  So today LORD I do ask you to show me and help me to overcome the things that I need to overcome.  By your grace only can I do it, with the help of The Holy Spirit  –  The Spirit of Jesus.

Taken from the Book:  ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman



Maybe today is a good day to Pray.


Do we have any Proud thoughts about ourselves?  Maybe we think we are better than other people, perhaps we think we are much better than our friends in the way we dress or eat or drink or even that our thoughts are more spiritual than those we meet up with in Church……..Well be had better watch out because God is watching us as we are watching them.

This could be a challenge for us today – to begin to think ( where we are at ? ) when we try to compare ourselves with others.

Dosn’t sound a good idea to take up the challenge but if we have a spirit of Pride in us  – well we best get rid of it don’t you think.  Amen.

I Pray that you have a lovely Day getting rid of Pride and not worring about things too wonderful to comprehend.

Just Rest in The Lord Jesus – give Him all your cares and worries today.

* God Bless You *

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A Special Son


Matthew:  Chapter 1 verse 21.

She will give birth to a Son

and you are to give him the name


because he will save his people

from their sins.


I am so glad that Mary was obedient, because if she had not given birth to Jesus where would you and I be today?  It does not bear to think about it!  Praise God today for the birth of Jesus who also was obedient to Our Heavenly Father to the extent of dying on The Cross for yours and my sins.  I Praise you Heavenly Father that you allowed Your only Son Jesus to come to earth to save us from certain death.  Thank You that we choose the 25th. December to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord being  born on this earth.  Amen.

Taken from the book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


All of us as Christians know this story above.  How would you feel if you had to give up your Son to save someone.  We really could not do that could we? Or maybe it would be a Daughter that you could be asked to give up to save someone.  Both Sons and Daughters are very precious to us.  Just think how much we love them and then concider just how much God loves us that He gave His only Son to come to Earth for our sakes.  That is incredible and our human brains cannot fathom out the great love that God has for us his people.

Jesus was obedient to His Father in Heaven and all Power on earth is given to Him. 

So He can confidently say in the Bible John: Chapter 14 verse 6.

(No one comes to the Father except by me)

Now is the time if you have not done so already to ask Jesus to come into your heart – your life, if you would like to go to Heaven when your body dies.

All you have to do (if you do not know already) is to repent of your sins (that is to tell God you are sorry for all the wrong things you have done) and ask Jesus to forgive you. Then you can invite Him in – and yes He will be with you.

Unless you ask Him He will not be part of your life – He does not go where He is not wanted.

So  think of all the blessings you will miss out on if you do not invite Him to be with you.


Father & Son

God Bless You

Pledged to be Married

Brown Angel

Matthew:  Chapter 1 verse 18.

This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about:

His Mother Mary was pledged to be married

to Joseph but before they came together,

she was found be be with child through

The Holy Spirit.


Mary must have been a  beautiful young woman spiritually to  be so obedient to God saying yes to what He asked of her.  How many of us can truly say that we are obedient to submit ourselves to the ways of The LORD?  Dear LORD God I pray today that I may be more obedient to your voice and not to my own wants. In being obedient to you I kow that you will be a blessing me even more than I can ever imagine.  Thank you for Mary the Mother of my Saviour  –  Jesus Christ my Lord.  Amen.

The above is from the book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Mother& Child

It makes you think dosn’t it – what would we do in the same situation that Mary was in.  She must have only been about 16yrs. old or somewhere in her teenage years.  Now adays most teenagers would laugh at the idea but  –  if an Angel appeared before them what ever would they do?  Most probably faint on the spot or try to run.  But Mary listened to the Angel and what a blessing for us that she did, so that now we can invite Jesus into our hearts into our lives and know that in Eternity we can be with God our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ if indeed we do invite Him to be Lord of our Life.

Purple Angel

Just think how beautiful the Angels must be in the Heavenly Realm.

I Pray that you have a lovely Day today.

** God Bless You **



Pure Joy

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James Chapter 1 verses 2-3

Consider it pure joy,

my brothers,

whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that

the testing of your faith develops



We don’t usually face trials with  joy do we?  If only we could use our faith more in the difficult circumstances, persevere in faith and let God be in charge instead of ourselves, we would find life much easier.  Maybe you are in a difficult situation today, remember the disciples – we must have faith even as small as a mustard seed.  Let us not give up in the testing of our faith, don’t let the devil have the upper hand, especially today.

The above is taken from the book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Singing Lady

Well – how can we express Joy our Joy – it can be through singing, not sad songs of course but uplifting Songs or Hymns.  Do you know that satan does not like us to be happy or to sing or to have any sort of Joy.  So to make him move away from us we need to start rejoicing in our God, even to just thank Him for our Blessings, which when we begin to think of it are many.  We must have that perserverance like the Bible says to walk in Faith however small our Faith is – it is better than having none.

Remember the weakest Christian on his knees is enough to make the devil tremble.

So give it a go some time and don’t be robbed of your Joy.


* I Pray that you have some sort of pure joy today *

* God Bless You *

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