Purple Angel

My Angel Drawing;


Psalm: 47 verse 2

How awesome is

the LORD Most High,

the great King

over all the earth!


* God is awesome* 

Imagine how beautiful He must  be surrounded by angels and by glorious light.

What a privilege to belong to Him.

When we go home to heaven we shall see Him as He is!

Taken from the book:’Drink from the Cup’ by;J.M.R.Larman.

Snowflake blk

This is my picture of a Snowflake.

I would just like to say today that when we go to heaven, like it says above, that we shall see Him as He is….that is our God of course……..

Well imagine this – He can see us as we are today –

We are all individuals, all different as people, just as Snowflakes are differnt but are still Snowflakes.

 God made everyone according to a pattern.

So we are made, according to a pattern.

We are made in the image of God.


So you see we did not evolve from monkey’s or ape’s or any other sort of creature.  They are made from God’s pattern for them, so we are made Praise the Lord in His image just like God’s Son Jesus who did not evolve from any animal species.

This is all what I believe:

Creation is what our God made,

including us Human Beings

just as we are.

* Praise The Lord…..*

**I hope you Have a lovely Day **

Snowflake Purple


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