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The Blood of Jesus

Hebrews:  Chapter 10 verse 19



since we have confidence

to enter the Most Holy Place

by the blood of Jesus………


It’s good to read the next few verses in the  Bible, of the above scripture to know that we have been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus to enter into that Most Holy Place.

For us to pray directly to our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

So today have confidence to come before God as one of His children to pray for your needs, then give Him the Glory that He is entitled to.

Because there is no-one like our God.

He is Almighty God the one and only true God maker of Heaven and Earth.  Amen.

The above is taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.

Just imagine – Jesus shed His blood for us  –  yes – you and me and all our families and friends.

The blood in our veins is the life force of our bodies, without it we would die.  Our blood did not evolve, it was there in the beginning when God our Heavenly Father made us Male and Female.  Likewise all the animals, the birds, the bees, the creepy crawly things.

Our blood did not come from Ape’s or Monkey’s it is special to us as Human beings, Almighty God is the Creator of the Universe and of all things.  He did not mess about evolving things  – He spoke them into being  – that included us and when He did he breathed His Breath into us and made us a Living Soul.  Each one of us is different from each other, none of us have the same Finger Prints but we do have Fingers and Finger Prints – just look at your hands and see.

So each one of us has BLOOD in our bodies the same as Jesus had in His but He shed His Blood for us on the Cross so that we can be forgiven for our sins to become Christians when we acknowledge Him and accept Him into our life and heart which will still be beating not just with the Blood but with the Love of God our Heavenly Father.  We do not have to shed our Blood to become a Christian – how marvellous is that –

Do you know that God our Heavenly Father made us and loves each one of us?

* I Pray that you have a Lovely Day Today *


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Purple Angel

My Angel Drawing;


Psalm: 47 verse 2

How awesome is

the LORD Most High,

the great King

over all the earth!


* God is awesome* 

Imagine how beautiful He must  be surrounded by angels and by glorious light.

What a privilege to belong to Him.

When we go home to heaven we shall see Him as He is!

Taken from the book:’Drink from the Cup’ by;J.M.R.Larman.

Snowflake blk

This is my picture of a Snowflake.

I would just like to say today that when we go to heaven, like it says above, that we shall see Him as He is….that is our God of course……..

Well imagine this – He can see us as we are today –

We are all individuals, all different as people, just as Snowflakes are differnt but are still Snowflakes.

 God made everyone according to a pattern.

So we are made, according to a pattern.

We are made in the image of God.


So you see we did not evolve from monkey’s or ape’s or any other sort of creature.  They are made from God’s pattern for them, so we are made Praise the Lord in His image just like God’s Son Jesus who did not evolve from any animal species.

This is all what I believe:

Creation is what our God made,

including us Human Beings

just as we are.

* Praise The Lord…..*

**I hope you Have a lovely Day **

Snowflake Purple




Circle Blue Animation1

St. John: Chapter 1 verse 3

Through Him all things were made;

without Him nothing was made

that as been made.


Look around today and see the wonder of

God’s Creation.

It is beautiful and so are you.

God made you just as you are


He loves you.


So I would like to say that Evolution does not stand a chance againt Creation.  Only our Soveriegn God can make a Snowflake for instance and do you know that they are all different from each other, you can possibly check that out.  They are incredible.

 Likewise all Flora and Fauna.

BlueStar Ani

I Pray that you have a lovely day and maybe check out some of the marvels of Creation – even just a flower or a leaf, a tree or a human being.  As humans we are incredibly made in the secret place in the womb before we are born into this world.






Painting Cross Vision

The Painting above is of a Vision someone had and asked me to paint it for them.

1 Timothy: Chapter 6 verse 6

But godliness

with contentment

is great gain.


To be content is something wonderful, we are to be content in all circumstances but most times we are definitely not!

What do you think is the reason why we are not content?

Could it be that we are not walking in godliness?

I think that may be a lot to do with it.  Whatever is going on in your life today try to be content with what you have, try not to yearn for things that cannot be.

 Let us praise The Lord for what we already have.


So today let us think what we have that we can be content about…..most of us have shelter, food, family and finance.  We have lovely flowers and animals, we have produce in abundance here in Australia.

We can be proud of our Country – being content that we have freedom of speech – so we can say Jesus is Lord of all the Earth and of all that is in it.

Regarding Creation – we can be content about that because  Jesus organized it, no it did not evolve.  So we can be content in the knowledge that He made for instance an Oak Tree and that throughout time it has not evolved into something else: i.e. each reproduces its own kind from the seed that was put into it, even animals and human beings.  Just as simple as that!!!!!!

Let us believe and be content to read about these things in our Bible and not doubt.

Let us be or try to be more Godly and walk in godliness with the contentment that we can only know by walking with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

God Bless you with Love and Contentment today. 

Snowflake Purple

We are all individuals, all different as people, just as snowflakes are different but are still snowflakes.  God made everyone according to a pattern.

 So we are made, according to a pattern.

 We are made in the image of God.




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Spiritual Blessings

 Cornocopia   Cornocopia

 Ephesians:  Chapter 1 verse 3.

Praise be to the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who has blessed us in the heavenly realms

with every spiritual blessing

in Christ.


Can you ever imagine all the beautiful spiritual blessings that we have been given? Just sit and think for a moment on some of them  –  then, what about the earthly blessings that we have. God loves us so much He really wants us to have the best of His blessings.

 I wonder what special blessing is in store for us today?



So what are the Spiritual Blessings

that we have?

Let us have a think…. First would be our Salvation that Jesus really did die on the Cross for us.  We cannot really imagine how that could be but we can accept that He did it for us to become Sons of the Living God i.e. our Father in Heaven.

Spiritual Blessings can be Peace, Love, Joy, Contentment, Healing, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and normal everyday Commonsense etc.,

Also Earthly Blessings…

What could they be….well we can have another think….we have families, friends, food and shelter, finance.  But one really nice thing to think about is that we have all things that were made at the time of Creation….NOT Evolution.  Look around at the beautiful things that our God has made, none of us can make even a birds feather, a flower, the wind, the waves, the seas, the fish and animals.  Also he has made our Brothers and Sisters here and throughout this earth the we live on.

Let us Praise the God and Father of:

our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless You Today with whatever Blessings you have.

 BlueStar Ani