Painting Cross Vision

The Painting above is of a Vision someone had and asked me to paint it for them.

1 Timothy: Chapter 6 verse 6

But godliness

with contentment

is great gain.


To be content is something wonderful, we are to be content in all circumstances but most times we are definitely not!

What do you think is the reason why we are not content?

Could it be that we are not walking in godliness?

I think that may be a lot to do with it.  Whatever is going on in your life today try to be content with what you have, try not to yearn for things that cannot be.

 Let us praise The Lord for what we already have.


So today let us think what we have that we can be content about…..most of us have shelter, food, family and finance.  We have lovely flowers and animals, we have produce in abundance here in Australia.

We can be proud of our Country – being content that we have freedom of speech – so we can say Jesus is Lord of all the Earth and of all that is in it.

Regarding Creation – we can be content about that because  Jesus organized it, no it did not evolve.  So we can be content in the knowledge that He made for instance an Oak Tree and that throughout time it has not evolved into something else: i.e. each reproduces its own kind from the seed that was put into it, even animals and human beings.  Just as simple as that!!!!!!

Let us believe and be content to read about these things in our Bible and not doubt.

Let us be or try to be more Godly and walk in godliness with the contentment that we can only know by walking with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

God Bless you with Love and Contentment today. 

Snowflake Purple

We are all individuals, all different as people, just as snowflakes are different but are still snowflakes.  God made everyone according to a pattern.

 So we are made, according to a pattern.

 We are made in the image of God.


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