My Heart

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Psalm 26 verse 2

Test me,

O Lord


try me,

examine my heart and my mind;


Have you ever asked The Lord to examine your heart and mind.  It makes you wonder when He examines us what will He find?

I think it best to try to have a look into our own hearts before we ever ask The Lord to take a look.

Our minds are sometimes a minefield, full of things that they should not be full of.  We best get rid of some of the awful things that seem to come into our hearts and minds before we ask God to examine them.

May be best to start straight away!

Let me see – have I let go of worry, anger?  Oh dear seems a lot of rubbish in there that should not be there, how about you?



Well – there doesn’t seem much to say about the above except that sometimes we are fearful to even think about looking into our own heart to see if there is any wrong thoughts or things in there that we are holding on to.  Mainly things that we really don’t want God to see or even for us to deal with.

So what can we do?

The best thing I suppose is to pray and ask Jesus to show us what we need to do – I am sure He will highlight anything that is hidden, things that have been too hard for us to deal with.

Remember when we bring them into the light – that is to repent and ask Jesus to take them away – then Hope begins to dawn in our hearts to refresh and renew us by The Holy Spirit.

When that happens it is as if a load has been taken off of us – if it was a sin lurking in the heart then it would be good to let it go and Praise the Lord for His unfailing Love to us.


 There is a Secret Door to the Heart that no one but God and ourselves can see. 

God Bless you today as you may begin to think of these things.


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