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Proverbs:  Chapter 1  verse 7

The fear of The LORD is the beginning

of knowledge

but fools despise wisdom

and instruction.


I think I shall ask The LORD for more knowledge and wisdom today.  I do not want to be a fool.  I pray that I do have the fear of The LORD and I certainly do not despise wisdom and knowledge.  For my part I know that I do love wisdom and knowledge.

I do know that I definitely need more!

Thank you LORD God that you continue to fill me afresh each day.

Also with the knowledge and love of Jesus.

Taken from  ‘Drink from the Cup’ book by:J.M.R.Larman.


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Well then what are we waiting for, just think we are priviliged to be able to ask God our Heavenly Father for more knowledge and wisdom.

Then of course we are to use it to the best of the ability  that God gives us. 

A good thing to ask for as well is discernment……so that we can discern what we are about to do at any particular time in our livcs.  Day by day we need help with the decisions that we are to make in our every day living.  We live only by the grace of God.  As we said last time our God is an Awesome God.  Just to think He alone gives us the knowlege and wisdom that we need to live our everyday lives here on this earth.

What a privelidge it is to belong to the one true Living God who is our Heavenly Father.

I pray that you recieve  ‘The Peace of The Lord” today in your heart, through Jesus Christ our Lord.    Especially if you are a Christian living with The Holy Spirit dwelling in you where ever you are at the moment.


Have a lovely Day

 –  *  God Bless You *  –




Are we Proud ?

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Psalm 131 verse 1

My hearty is not proud, O LORD,

my eyes are not haughty;

I do not concern myself with great matters

or things

too wonderful for me.


If only we could say this today and mean it!  Can I really say that my heart is not proud, that my eyes are not haughty.  Can I really say that I do not concrn myself with things that I shouldn’t?  I would like to think so but sometimes it is a fearful thing to ask The LORD to search our hearts about these matters isn’t it?  So today LORD I do ask you to show me and help me to overcome the things that I need to overcome.  By your grace only can I do it, with the help of The Holy Spirit  –  The Spirit of Jesus.

Taken from the Book:  ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman



Maybe today is a good day to Pray.


Do we have any Proud thoughts about ourselves?  Maybe we think we are better than other people, perhaps we think we are much better than our friends in the way we dress or eat or drink or even that our thoughts are more spiritual than those we meet up with in Church……..Well be had better watch out because God is watching us as we are watching them.

This could be a challenge for us today – to begin to think ( where we are at ? ) when we try to compare ourselves with others.

Dosn’t sound a good idea to take up the challenge but if we have a spirit of Pride in us  – well we best get rid of it don’t you think.  Amen.

I Pray that you have a lovely Day getting rid of Pride and not worring about things too wonderful to comprehend.

Just Rest in The Lord Jesus – give Him all your cares and worries today.

* God Bless You *

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Heart Free


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Psalm: 119 verse 32

I run the path of your commands,

for you

have set my heart free.


LORD you have set my heart free, free to love The Lord Jesus and to serve Him.  I love your commands, one which asks me to walk a blameless life.  Please God our Heavenly Father help me to do this today with the guidance of your Holy spirit.                                                                                                                 Amen.


So is our heart free  – free from anger, sadness, grief, sorrow.  If not then I pray that we can give those things and wrong thoughts to The Lord then try to walk in His ways.

His ways are His Commands and the most precious one is that we should Walk in Love.

When we walk in the Love of The Lord Jesus we can try to put anger, sadness, grief sorrow  behind us.  There are times when we will be angry, sometimes sad, also grief stricken but if we sit with The Lord Jesus in our Prayer time these will gradually diminish.  Then our Heart will gradually be set Free.

We can then walk more in contentment with our Heart Free of some of the things that come against us in our everyday lives.


We can be Free as the Eagle that soars above, free in the Spirit to soar into the Heavenly Realms as we sit at the feet of Jesus in our own personal Prayer time.

God Bless You.


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Fear of The Lord

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Proverbs: Chapter 1  verse 7

The fear of The LORD

is the beginning of knowledge


fools despise wisdom




I think I shall ask The LORD for more knowledge and wisdom today, I do not want to be a fool, I pray that I do have the fear of The LORD and I certainly do not despise wisdom and knowledge.

For my part I know that I do love wisdom and knowledge, also I do know that I definitely need more!  Thank you LORD God that you continue to fill me afresh each day, also with the knowledge and love of Jesus.



So let us just think where are we really going to get this knowledge and wisdom from……well I think it does help to read our Bible  because it has been written for our learning. Therefore if we decide not to read, then we are limiting our brains to absorb knowledge and wisdom from the Apostles and followers of Jesus that are written about in the most Holy Book.

Lots of them were not clever people but with the account of their lives we can learn from their mistakes. (Hopefully we can!)

So where does the FEAR come from then?

You see we are not to be afraid of our God because He is the God of Love.  Our only fear is to be that we really don’t acknowledge Him as we should and that we don’t always walk in the knowledge that He is our Heavenly Father and He Loves us even more than our earthly fathers love us.

We do fear being chastised by our earthly fathers and need to realize that our Heavenly Father does chastise us too.


is that we DO NOT need to be



I hope you have a lovely day walking in the Love and Knowledge, Wisdom and Joy of our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father.



My Heart

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Psalm 26 verse 2

Test me,

O Lord


try me,

examine my heart and my mind;


Have you ever asked The Lord to examine your heart and mind.  It makes you wonder when He examines us what will He find?

I think it best to try to have a look into our own hearts before we ever ask The Lord to take a look.

Our minds are sometimes a minefield, full of things that they should not be full of.  We best get rid of some of the awful things that seem to come into our hearts and minds before we ask God to examine them.

May be best to start straight away!

Let me see – have I let go of worry, anger?  Oh dear seems a lot of rubbish in there that should not be there, how about you?



Well – there doesn’t seem much to say about the above except that sometimes we are fearful to even think about looking into our own heart to see if there is any wrong thoughts or things in there that we are holding on to.  Mainly things that we really don’t want God to see or even for us to deal with.

So what can we do?

The best thing I suppose is to pray and ask Jesus to show us what we need to do – I am sure He will highlight anything that is hidden, things that have been too hard for us to deal with.

Remember when we bring them into the light – that is to repent and ask Jesus to take them away – then Hope begins to dawn in our hearts to refresh and renew us by The Holy Spirit.

When that happens it is as if a load has been taken off of us – if it was a sin lurking in the heart then it would be good to let it go and Praise the Lord for His unfailing Love to us.


 There is a Secret Door to the Heart that no one but God and ourselves can see. 

God Bless you today as you may begin to think of these things.


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Luke: Chapter 13 verse 3.

I tell you no!

But unless you repent,

you too will all perish.


Jesus said the above words  –   you may like to read a bit more of that Chapter to know what it is about.

Surely it is a small price for us to pay,

to repent and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!


Well what does it mean to repent…..

As far as I know it means that we are very sorry for the wrong things that we have done or are doing in our life and would like God to forgive us.  As soon as we ask Him to forgive us,(that means we are repenting of doing those wrong things).  It also means that we do not want to do them again.  Then we can ask Jesus to accept us just as we are and He will.

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

To acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour in your life is a marvellous thing.  To know that you have repented and will go to Heaven when you leave this Earth is something to look forward to.


May God Bless you today – so that you can be a Blessing to others.


Psalm: 91 verse 14

 The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep

The Good Shepherd cares for His Sheep

Psalm: 91 verse 14

“Because He loves me,” say’s The LORD.

“I will rescue him;

I will protect him,

for he acknowledges my name”


Being children of God means that we choose to love Jesus.

So as the Psalm say’s, when we acknowledge His Name He protects us and rescues us from all our iniquities.


Brown Angel

It is lovely to think that God gives us His Angels to guard over us.

I pray that you have a lovely day walking in the Love of: