Luke: Chapter 13 verse 3

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

Luke: Chapter 13 verse 3.

I tell you no!

But unless you repent,

you too will all perish.


Jesus said the above words  –   you may like to read a bit more of that Chapter to know what it is about.

Surely it is a small price for us to pay,

to repent and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!


Well what does it mean to repent…..

As far as I know it means that we are very sorry for the wrong things that we have done or are doing in our life and would like God to forgive us.  As soon as we ask Him to forgive us,(that means we are repenting of doing those wrong things).  It also means that we do not want to do them again.  Then we can ask Jesus to accept us just as we are and He will.

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

To acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour in your life is a marvellous thing.  To know that you have repented and will go to Heaven when you leave this Earth is something to look forward to.


May God Bless you today – so that you can be a Blessing to others.


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