Naked:- Job: Chapter 1 verse 21.

 Mother& Child

Job: Chapter 1 verse 21.

“Naked I came from my mothers’ womb

and naked I shall depart.

 The Lord gave and The LORD has taken away;

may the Name of The LORD be praised”


The above was said by Job and it is true, naked we came into this world and naked we shall leave it.  So while we are here let us bless those around us as best we can, especially our family.  Let us see them enjoy some of the assets we would eventually leave them when we die by giving now while we are alive.

 Let us share in their enjoyment.

Maybe it could be just a special little heirloom we are saving for them , or, maybe finance we are saving for them.  If they are in need as some young families are, let us be gracious and try to help.

Today let us remember  –  we cannot take any thing with us when we go, that also includes our love.  Let them know you love them.  Our families do need our love more than maybe they or we realize.

 The LORD surely blesses us us as we bless others.

 Today let us think on our nakedness

before  –  The LORD.


Father & Son

May God Bless you today.


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