Hands Colour

Praying Hands Scrapper Board Drawing by J.M.R.Larman.


1 Timothy:  Chapter 6 verse 5

…., who have been robbed of the truth

and who think that godliness

is a means to financial gain.


This Scripture applies to those who love money, yes, we do need money and we have to work to earn it but we must not make it a god in our lives.  Because God supplies all our needs, we cannot think that we can pray – please God send me a fortune in money.  Best to read the above Scripture to get a really good meaning of this for our lives today, then get on with our Godly living in the knowledge that God supplies all our needs, financial or otherwise.


Hands Colour

Let us Pray for God to bless us with finance – that is not problem – the problem arises when we ask for ungodly gains that we really do not need i.e. I believe that the Prosperity Gospel is not the true Gospel of Jesus.

The bible does say:  ‘ask and you shall receive’ –  yes we are to ask – but God does know our needs and he will supply our daily needs, not unlimited funds and more and more unholy wants.

He does supply us with our families, food, clothes and shelter.  We can ask and receive Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Discernment and everyday Commonsense.  I believe these are things that God likes us to ask for and receive.  We can ask for healing or good health for our bodies and loved ones.  We can ask that we can share The Love of The Lord Jesus with those that God allows us to see and care for each day.

Do you know that it is a privilege to be able to Pray – Jesus prayed and gave us  “The Lord’s Prayer”  – which really covers everything that we need to ask God for.

May God Bless you


keep you safe in His care.

With Love and Blessings

for your needs today.

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