Do you Love Money?


1 Timothy: Chapter 6 verses 5 – 6

……, who have been robbed of the truth

and who think that godliness

is a means to financial gain.

 But godliness with content is great gain.


This Scripture applies to those who love money, yes we do need money and we have to work to earn it but we must not make it a god in our lives.  Because God supplies all our needs, we cannot think that we can pray  –  please God send me a fortune in money.  Best to read the above Scripture to get a really good meaning of this for our lives today, then get on with our Godly living in the knowledge  that God supplies all our needs, financial or otherwise.

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman




We must remember that when we trust in God to supply all our needs – it can sometimes be like a Cornucopia which is filled with all good things.

God knows our needs even before we ask or pray about them – but remember He does like us to ask.

Sometime He does not allow some of our requests because being an all knowing God He knows that some things we ask for are not really good for us.

That includes saying –  please God give me a million dollars or a bigger and better car, or house or anything else that you think we can ask for that may not really be good for us!

So what is best to do or pray for then?

Well, we can pray – Dear Lord God our Heavenly Father, please help me, you know what my needs are, I am not sure how best to pray, so please would you send the help I need today and in the days to come.  I thank you that you do know me, please hear my prayer.  Amen.

You see it can sometimes be just a simple prayer, just talk to God in a normal way.

If you don’t feel you can do that –  another way is to pray ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ which includes everything that we need to ask for.

BlueStar Ani

I Pray that God our Father in Heaven supplies all your special needs today and in the future.  Amen

* God Bless You *


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