Healing ?

St.George's Anglican Church

The above is one of my Pen/Ink Drawings of St. George’s Church in N.W. Australia.


Luke:  Chapter 14 verse 3

Jesus asked….

“is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath

or not?


If you are not sure of the answer please read the above Scripture.

As Christians we do really know that Jesus is our Healer,

so let us pray and receive our healing each new day.


The above is from the Book: Drink from the Cup of Heavenly Blessings.

Well what do you think – is it lawful or not – that was what Jesus was asking the people.

The thing is this – if one of your animals is sick or in some sort of trouble you can’t just leave it to die, you would immediately go to rescue it.

If you go to Church on a Sunday (Sabbath) surely it is good to pray for healing for those who are in need of any kind of  help, whether it be sickness in their body, family or maybe struggling with finance.

Jesus say’s that as Christians we do have authority to heal on the Sabbath.  We are in charge of the Sabbath not the Sabbath in charge of us.   So with The Holy Spirit of Jesus in us we can be confident that – yes – it is lawful to heal on the Sabbath.

Whatever day you choose once a week to be your Sabbath for God, you do not just have to sit and do nothing and wait for the next working day to heal or help someone.


May He Bless us today with good Health and Happiness.

I Pray the JOY of The Lord Jesus ……be with you……



God Bless You.

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