Nehemiah: Chapter 1 verse 10-11

Hands Colour

Nehemiah:  Chapter 1 verse 10  -11

They are your servants and your people,

whom you redeemed by your great strength

and your mighty hand.

 O Lord,

let your ear be attentive

to the prayer of this your servant

and to the prayer of your servants

who delight in revering your name…………………….


Please hear my prayer today Lord God, I am one of your servants who delights in revering your name.

 And I know that the Name of Jesus your Son is the Name above all names on this earth where are living now.


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Let us think about what it means to be a Servant….. really none of us want to think that we are a Servant.

Jesus came as our Saviour, He showed us that we need to be Servants, remember how He washed the Disciples feet? Not only are we to serve others but that we need to obey God our Father in Heaven, in that way we can say we are servants of God.

To be servants of God- is obeying His commands and revering Jesus as our Lord, then He will hear our Prayers.

It is no good praying anything if we do not believe that God is real.  If we do believe – then we can delight in the fact that our prayers however humble or desperate will be heard.

But – now this is the But.….we need to wait for God to answer them in the way that He thinks fit….not us wanting them answered right that minute.  Sometime we have to wait and wait and think that He may not have heard us.  Well, then some of us go off and do our own thing not waiting for the better time when God may answer in a very different way than we could have imagined. 

Let us Pray today and learn to wait for God our Heavenly Father to answer in His good timing.

Hands Colour

May God Bless our Prayers 


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