Painting Cross Vision

Isaiah: Chapter 30  verse 18

Yet The LORD longs to be gracious to you;

He rises to show you compassion.

For The LORD is a God of justice.

 Blessed are all who wait for Him!


Thank you LORD  that you are a God of compassion  – please continue to have compassion on me and my family, especially today.  Thank you for all your blessings to me. Amen.



I really do thank The LORD that He is gracious to me, how about you?.

It is good to think of all the good things that God allows us to have and to do.

Remember ours is a God of Love not of hate or injustice.  Do you know I believe He loves us each one as if we are the only one….that sounds a bit odd really but if you make something you treasure it and love it ….. so it makes sence that when God made us in our Mothers womb then we would be a treasure to Him and yes He would love us.

So we should try to be content just where we are – if you are not used to praying, you may like to give it a try – then like it says in The Bible…….Blessed are all who wait for Him!

Let us try to wait on God and let the unholy things

not have a hold on us.

We can make a fresh start each day – it is best to take just One Day at a Time and try to find something nice to do for our self or for someone else.  We can be gracious – even a smile to to say ‘Hello’ to someone can really make their day just a  bit nicer.

* May God be Gracious to us today.*

Have a lovely Day


Painting Cross Vision


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