Worship The LORD

Brown Angel   Brown Angel  Brown Angel

Psalm 96 verse 9

Worship The LORD

in the splendour of His holiness;

tremble before Him,

all the earth.


How can we ever imagine the spendour of His holiness:  He must be so beautiful surrounded by glory and angels, singing and serving Him in Heaven.

No wonder the whole earth shall tremble before Him.

And yet He has given to us His Son Jesus, who intercedes for those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Saviour.

So we need never tremble in fear of God our Heavenly Father, we can worship Him in the splendour of His HOLINESS.


 Purple Angel

There must be mirades of Angels around the Throne of God – Praising Him and Singing.  

Just think there must be a marvellous Heavenly Choir and glourious colours that we can only dream about, some that we have never envisaged or could imagine.

The brightness of God’s Glory must be so great that we cannot comprehend it.  Remember that the face of Moses even glowed as he came down the mountain after talking with God.  So much so that he had to cover his face as the people were afraid of the Glory of God that shone forth from him.


May God  Bless us today and surround us with His Holy Angels.

Have a Lovely Day today.

*  God Bless You  *



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