Let your Light Shine !

Luke: Chapter 8 verses 16-17

No-one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar


puts it under a  bed.

Instead, they put it on a stand,

so that those who come in can see a light.

For there is nothing hidden that will not  be disclosed

and nothing concealed

that will not be known

or brought out into the open.


So therefore Jesus said in Matthew: Chapter 5 verse 14.

* You are the Light of the world *


What do you think of that then?  As Christians we really are the light in the World.  With The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord in us we can spread the Light of the World. 

We are not to hide our Light under a bushel, under a bed, under anything at all, we have to let our light shine whether people like it or not.

So how do we do that then?

Well – if we have any sort of talent we are to use it for the Glory of God our Heavenly Father.

He has given us our talents – it maybe cooking, hospitality, knitting, woodwork, painting, all kinds of artist talents, gardening, writing etc., as well as whatever employment we are involved in to support our family and ourselves.

Also helping others, encouraging others, especially our family, friends and our Church Congregation.  Volunteering is another talent we can use in our community so that people will be blessed.

Remember that as you bless others – you too will be blessed.

 Blessing others – that is giving God Glory.

Also thank Him that He enables you to use the Talents that He has given you.

How much nicer it is to do any of the above with a smile and a willing heart.

 That really will be letting our Light Shine for The Lord.

*  I pray that God our Heavenly Father will Bless you today with the Love of Jesus *

Have a lovely Day.



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