Listen ?

Kangaroo 2

This is a Painting that I did, thought it would be a change to put on here for no special reason except you may like to see it.


Proverbs Chapter 4 verse 1

Listen, my sons,

to a father’s instruction;

pay attention


gain understanding.


Yes plese Heavenly Father, help me to listen to your instruction, so that I can receive more understanding today.

The above is from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Well there we are….how well do we LISTEN… our earthly fathers instruction…..not always very well do we because then off we go to do our own thing.  Not always to our advantage might I say.!

So this makes me think – how well do we LISTEN to God our Heavenly Father.

It is hard to LISTEN to God with so much going on in our lives.  However if we can find a time each day to sit and read part of our Bible then is the time we can sit quietly and LISTEN when we have prayed for something or someone special.  We may not get the answer we want but be assured that if you are a Christian then God has heard your prayers.  So then we wait for His will to be done in the situation that we are praying for.

Hands Colour

God Bless you today as you try to LISTEN to God our Heavenly Father.


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