A Gift of Love?


St. Luke Chapter 3 verse 11

John answered,

“The man with two tunics

should share with him who has none

and the one who has food

should do the same”


Is there anyone today that you can  bless with a gift, it’s lovely to be able to share.  I don’t mean an expensive gift.  There may be someone near you who is unemployed, disabled, sick or in need of even a nice loaf of bread, biscuits, cake an item of clothing.  The main thing is when you share, it is a gift of love.  As Christians we can bring a lot of pleasure to those in need and it could be a chance to share the Gospel.


Cup of Tea Blue

Just think a gift of love can be just offering a cup of tea to someone.  Or to invite them out for morning or afternoon tea especially to ask someone who you may know that is lonely.  Even a young mum with a child can be lonely for someone to share and talk with.  Other than that there could be an older person you sometimes say ‘Hello’ to while shopping who lives quite near to you.  You could extend the ‘Hello’ to stand still instead of walking on and just ask ‘how are you’ or words to that effect.

You may be the only person who speaks to them today – so what a gift of love it is to share, to let them know that you care enough even just to say a few words.  Before walking on just say ‘God Bless you’

Hot Line to God Colour Text

Yes we can even phone a friend to say ‘Hello’ if we have not seen them for a while and ask how they are.  Then before putting the phone down say ‘God Bless You’

Even this is an act of Love to find time to do that.

So I say

‘God Bless You Today’

I hope you have a lovely day.




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