It is nice to be Righteous !

Psalm: 58 verse 11

Then men will say,

‘Surely the righteous will are rewarded,

surely there is a God who judges the earth’


Because God says that we shall be rewarded, then we know that He will reward us for sure. However, we do need to be righteous, we cannot expect rewards for nothing. God blesses us with all good things. How He will surely reward us when we become even more righteous. I think we ought to make a special effort today to live a good life because God is our judge, who gives according to His will.


The above is taken rom the Book: ‘Drink rom the Cup’

Isaiah 61:3 … Talks out the trees of righteousness the Planting of The Lord. You may like to read about that sometime.

So how are we going today to be righteous then……. we should try to be free from guilt or sin. We all know that is not easy when we have so many things during each day to deal with. Sometimes we get frustrated and cross, the Bible says in your anger do not sin….

Best think of something nice that we can do today for The Lord of for someone in our family or for maybe for a friend.

One of the nicest things we can do is to pray….. it is good to pray for our family and friends but what about our Town or place that we live in. Surely that would be a righteous thing to do as we go about our daily life. Also to pray for those less fortunate than ourselves, there are so many things to pray about.

Here is a book that may help you to pray if are quite a new Christion and not sure how or what to pray for.


I hope you have a lovely righteous day today.

God Bless You for reading my Blog – please feel free to pass it on to your Christian friends. (another Link you may like to see)


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