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It’s good to make Music !

Angel with Trumpet

Psalm: 92 verse 1

It is good to praise The LORD


make music

to your name,

O Most High.


The Lord Jesus and God our Father loves to hear music either by singing or by playing an instrument.  If you are not gifted to play a musical instrument them lift up your voice and sing.  You cannot say you cannot sing because God gave you your voice and He loves to hear it, so sing in your house, sing in the bath or shower, sing in the car but best of all sing in the congregation.

From the book: ‘Drink from the Cup of Heavenly Blessings’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Singing Lady

Well – can you Sing Today?


Maybe you do not feel like singing, so perhaps you can put on some special Music that you like.

 In your own home you can be free to dance and sing on your own or with your family.

 If you have a small child what better way to interact than to hold their little hands dance around with them and sing.

If you are an older person look up some of the old Hymns that you used to like and sing quietly to The Lord in your Prayer Time…….remember you still have a singing voice in their somewhere.  You may surprise yourself that your song sounds very nice.

Everyone likes some sort of Music so put on the sort that you especially like or that you can sing to.

There is a time and place for different kinds of Music during the course of our day (or days)

* Have a lovely Day today *

May God Bless you with the Voice that He has given you.


Hands Colour






Can you Sing?

Singing Lady

Psalm 13 verse 6

I will sing to


for He as been

good to me.


The LORD loves to hear us sing,

so what are we waiting for  –  Let us: Sing,

sing, sing  – today.


The above is from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


Do you know that God gave us each a voice and one of the things He likes us to do with it is to Sing – mainly to sing to Him.  There are so many lovely Songs and Hymns that we can sing.

If you can talk you cannot say that you can’t sing, because it does not matter if you cannot compete with others with your voice because yours is special to God our Heavenly Father and He likes to hear you Sing and Praise Him with your own voice.

Even in the shower, the car, the house, outside in the garden or just walking along you can use your voice to sing quietly or out loud.  However the best songs will come when you sing them as a prayer from your heart as a blessing to The Lord Jesus.

If you ask The Holy Spirit I am pretty sure He will help you to Sing – especially in the Congregation in your Church, think how lovely to have the Angels sing with you in the Congregation.

Well how about putting on a C.D. and just singalong with it while doing the housework or chores around the house where you live.  Remember that depression starts to flee away when we sing – as long as it is something nice that we like.

Angel with Trumpet

Let the Trumpet sound and let our voice be heard to Praise The Lord our God.  Amen.


* God Bless you today  –

as you may try a new Song *