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What about Moses?


Malachi: Chapter 4 verse 4.

Remember the law of my servant Moses,

the decrees and laws

I gave Him at Horeb for all Israel.


Do you remember the law that was given to Moses, we know that as Christians we live by grace now and not by law.  However we do need to live according to the Commandments that were given to Moses.

If we break one we may as well have broken the lot because in the eyes of God – sin is sin however large or small.

 I am thankful that we can ask Jesus to forgive us and that He does, especially as we go before God asking for all that we seem to ask Him for!


Taken from the book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.

Yellow Scroll

I have put a picture of a Scroll on here today to remind us that the Ten Commandments  may have been put on a Scroll to be read out to people.

Moses of course brought them down from the mountain on the tablets that had been written “with the finger of God” 

We are very fortunate that we can read them in our Holy Bible (Exodus 31:18) it is good to check them out once in a while to see what we should be doing and possibly not what we are doing.

One of them says ‘that you should have no other Gods”

So what other Gods do we have in our lives…. maybe some sort of Idols, or maybe the love of money, food, gossip, television, there are lots of things that take priority in our lives instead of living a godly life with the love of Jesus and walking with the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.  One thing is to love our neighbour as ourselves (difficult that one – if we are not keen about talking to some people) even family members.

It really is a Christian challenge to try to keep the Ten Commandments isn’t it? 

Hands Colour

Let us Pray that we can become more Godly day by Day walking in the Love of The Lord.

May God our Heavenly Father Bless us Today





2 Corinthians Chapter 2 verse 10

Godly sorrow brings repentance

that leads to salvation

and leaves no regret

but worldly sorrow brings death.


When we truly repent our hearts can sing because we know that we are forgiven, that we will definitely try not to offend God in the way that we used to.              Godly sorrow is good because although we can be sad about the circumstance that has arisen we are blessed so much when we take hold of the fact that Jesus has forgiven us and that our sin is blotted out from Our Father in Heaven.  In worldly sorrow there can be no joy, in Godly sorrow Jesus rejoices that we repent and grants us peace in our hearts.

From the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


This was going to be a Poem……but never mind, I hope you like what is written. It is called:

                                WE CAN

We are in this world of sin – We do not have to take part in it

We have been given a conscience – We can choose to do right or to sin

We can do all lovely things – We can sing and dance

We can eat and drink – We can love or not love

We can swim or drown – We can walk or run

We can write or draw – We can choose what we want

We can help others or not help – We can do all these things

We can do so much in this world – We can do good things instead of bad

We can decide not to sin – We can use our brain to decide

We can use our heart to discern – We can love The Lord our God

We can love each other – We can therefore have no need to sin.


* God Bless You Today, Have a lovely Day *




You may like to look at the above Book – hope you like it.

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Evil is not Good.


Psalm  5  verse 4

You are not a God

who takes pleasure in evil,

with you

the wicked cannot dwell.


As Christians let us not take pleasure in any of the evil things in the world.  If we continue to be wicked, we know that we cannot live in the Kingdom of God because He hates evil.. God loves us but does not like any of our evil ways.  So let us get rid of anything that is not pleasing to God if we can today.

Taken from the Book: Drink from the Cup. by: J.M.R.Larman.

Cup Red Ani1


What may we be doing today that God our Father in Heaven would not be happy with.  I am not really sure about that, maybe during the day we may get angry with someone, or we may swear (i.e. use bad language), some people seem to need to steal things, some do the opposite of what they are asked to do just to be in charge of the situation.

There seems to be a lot of evil in the world – if you look around or watch or listen to the News.

We cannot just look at the evil in the world

and not look at our own sins for the day.

Let us try to help each other now and in the coming weeks, the thing that God says in The Word (in the Bible) is ‘to love one another as He has loved us’

Well it is worth a try – to share a kind word – with whoever we meet today.

I hope we have a lovely Day sharing the Love of God, so that our evil ways – our sinful ways- do not have a hold on us.

We need to take one day at a time.

That is the best most of us can do.

*  God Bless You  *


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Have you Sinned?


Reverse Copy of Scraperboard Drawing

Romans Chapter 3  verse 23.

“For all have sinned


come short

of the glory of God”


It sad that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. But Jesus has forgiven our sins and we can press on today knowing that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  So don’t be weighed down by sin, if you have committed a fresh sin, repent, ask Jesus to forgive you, thank Him and press on in faith and have a good day.

The above is taken from the book “Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R. Larman.


Well there we are then – how about a fresh start today to look at what really is sin in our life.  It could be anything small or big, it is all the same to God our Heavenly Father whether we tell a lie or commit a terrible crime….sin is sin…

God sent His only Son Jesus to forgive us and save us from the evil one.  So we have to try to not give in to things that are not Godly.

When we have Jesus in our life it is a bit easier to stand firm and try our best not to give in to unholy things, even like gossip, pride, stealing, lying, there is quite a long list I think but we can overcome with the help of The Holy Spirit, who is our comforter and guide.


Hands Colour

God Bless You Today.

I Pray that you and me can have a Sinless Day.





The Key


Key Blue

Does God hold the KEY to your Heart?


Psalm 7  verse 10

My shield is God Most High,

who saves

the upright in heart.


When our heart is right with God He truly is our shield against the devil and all his ways.  We best watch out on the occasions when our heart is not right toward God.  That is when sin can enter in and God will not be our shield to stop it entering.  Today let us try to be right in our hearts and in our thinking.


Key Blue

Well where are we up to today, can we say that God is the Key to our heart, can we say that God is our shield against all evil.  Let us pray that we truly can.


*  God Bless you today  *

Please do not loose that precious KEY.




Blameless ?

Oh! That we could be Blameless,

what a blessing we could be to others.

Hands Colour

Psalm:  119 verse 1

Blessed are they whose ways are blameless,

who walk according to the law of




Let us even today try to walk a more blameless life, if we take one day at a time it is not quite so difficult.

We can ask The Holy Spirit to help us and guide us today to become more Christ Like.

How blessed we shall feel when we have done something according to the law of God and not entered into sin for the day.


Well it is a new day today, a whole new day to practice not to get into sin.

So what is sin?

It can be lots of things, our own thoughts for instance can be sinful, our actions can be sinful i.e. like looking at things we should not be looking at.  Also coveting our friends belongings, indulging in bad eating or bad drinking habits, being slothful, lazy…..oh! dear I had better stop as the list goes on and on and on…. so I say Help me Lord!

When I say that He allows The Holy Spirit to help – that is a real blessing, the thing to remember is that we do need to ask.  If we don’t ask we don’t get the help that we need to overcome.

It is lovely to think that we can overcome lots of sinful things just by asking for help.

 Praise The Lord.

Today is a NEW DAY to practice God’s Way.

May God Bless us today as we honour JESUS Christ our Lord.

I pray that we have a lovely overcoming Day today.

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