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Our Treasures*

The Fascine – Carnarvon N.W. Australia.

Proverbs: Chapter 10 verse 2

Ill-gotten treasurers are of no value

but righteousness delivers from death.


That is true isn’t it? If we have something that we have received wrongly, however much we treasure it we will still have that feeling of guilt i.e. that it is an ill-gotten thing.

We really can’t take anything that we know God does not want us to have.

What a release in our spirit we feel when we give back or release those wrong Treasures.

Jesus forgives and we are back in righteousness, delivered from the feeling of death and can rejoice in our righteousness. Praise The Lord!


The above is taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by. J.M.R. Larman.

So what wonderful Treasures do we have that maybe we should not have? Perhaps they could be some ungodly Books, or ungodly D.V.D’s maybe C.D’s

What about all the Treasures on our Computers? Could be Treasure’s of ungodly photo’s – hidden in a file for privacy. But God can see all things whether they be righteous or unrighteous.

Let us search our hearts and get rid of all that is not O.K.

We don’t have to ask or tell anyone about it – just do it – ask Jesus for forgiveness – feel the release in our spirit and get on with life as it should be lived in Righteousness and Truth.

It is a lovely feeling to be able to share the Love of The Lord when we are really walking in a bit more holiness.

Here is a Link to the above Book you may like to see.

* I Pray that you have a lovely Day – Today*




Photo of Children Playing in the Wildflowers of North Western Australia

Proverbs:  12 verse 28

In the way of righteousness there is life;

along that path is immortality.


Today is another day for us to walk in righteousness,

to walk in true life on our way to immortality,

to eternity.

 Walk in righteousness with Jesus today,

tell Him you love Him and look forward

to the day when we walk in Heaven with Him.


Taken from Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.

Well what does it mean then to walk in righteousness?

I think it means that we should be careful what we say and do, especially in front of our little children and also in the presence of our grown up family and friends.  Children mainly only know what they are taught, so we do need to try to teach them the right way to live.  That surely would be walking in righteousness for us to show them how.

We all make mistakes and cannot be perfect all the time, however we can say sorry if we have said or done the wrong thing.  Jesus forgives us when we repent and say with are sorry, then of course we can feel free of any guilt that we have said or done the wrong thing and hopefully remember not to do it again.

Yes Children need to be taught to do the right thing – also they need to be taught to say the word sorry to their friends and family, even as we need to do so.

I hope you have a lovely day trying to walk in Righteousness with The Lord, remember The Holy Spirit will help you if you ask Him – especially if you are struggling with any problems regarding your walk with Jesus. 

* God Bless You Today *






Let us have Joy


Romans: Chapter 14 verse 17

For the Kingdom of God

is not a matter of eating and drinking

but of Righteousness,

Peace and Joy in

The Holy Spirit.


Today let us walk with The Holy Spirit of Jesus in that lovely Peace and Joy that only comes from 
The Kingdom of God. 


The above is taken from the book:  ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.

BlueStar Ani

As this is a new day today, let us choose to walk in Peace and Joy if we can with our families and friends.  When we get a New Day it is good to think what are we going to do with it?????????

We do really have a choice – sometimes we think we don’t have, if we are feeling ill or lonely or neglected – but we still can make a choice not to be a victim even in those circumstances.  We can try to find JOY in something during the day.  Even to cuddle the cat, pat the dog, read a book, sit in the sun or eat something nice.

Today is to be lived,

tomorrow – today, will  be gone.

Well what are you going to do today? It says in the Bible it is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness, peace and joy in The Holy Spirit.

If you are a Christian The Holy Spirit is with you and can help you to walk in JOY today – he does like you to ask Him though.

I pray you have a lovely day walking in the Love of Jesus.


Soar in the Heavenlies with Joy in your heart.





Worldly Things


Psalm 23 verse 3

He restores my soul,

He guides me in paths

of righteousness

for His name’s sake.


Thank you LORD that you restore my soul, so that I do not long for worldly things but can walk in righteousness to the best of the ability that you give me today.  Amen.


BlueStar Ani

Here is a Prayer – mainly about Righteousness – hope you like it – For myself I think that is is special and that it can help us walk closer to God our Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Prayer is taken from the Book “Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R.Larman.

It is good to read the above prayer but it is only worthwile to PRAY this prayer if we really mean it.


So there we are then, if our Soul is happy and content we need not crave or long for lots of worldly things.  Really, we are supposed to be content in all circumstances knowing that God will supply all our needs in Christ Jesus when we belong to Him.  How wonderful it is to belong to the living God and not to an inhuman idol that cannot walk or talk or heal or sing.  The idols have no soul but we have one and our God does restore our Soul when necessary.

* May God Bless you today with all that you need *








Leaders of our Nations

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Psalm:  98 verse 2

The LORD has made His salvation known


revealed His righteousness

to the Nations.


We need to pray for the Nations – that they remember the righteousness of The LORD. The Leaders of the Nations need our Prayers so they may govern in righteous.

Today is a good day to pray afresh for all Nations on Earth to come to the knowledge and love of God.


You may like to pray this Prayer below – taken from The Book of Prayers by: J.M.R.Larman.


 A Prayer for the Government.

I would like to thank you for our Government God.

Would you Bless them all today who are working in the Government of this Country please, so that they may Govern righteously and truthfully each day.  May our Parliamentarians come to know Jesus as Lord of their lives so that eventually we could possibly have a truly Christian Government.

I pray for good health for our Government workers,  especially for the Prime Minister, for your divine protection of him as he travels around the world promoting good relationships towards this Country.

Lord I pray for all people in authority, every government Dept.,  throughout the world for their thoughts and actions to be righteous especially now in this world today with all it’s problems.  Please bless all Government workers and heads of State, Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and Ambassadors in every Country throughout world, keep them safe in your care.

Let them remember that people are precious and that they are working for us not just for themselves and their friends, that we need to be governed with propriety and in the love of The Lord Jesus.

Let us not judge them too harshly when they make mistakes making laws that we are not in agreement with.  We know that you will judge them God when the time comes for some of the outrageous laws that have been passed that are not in agreement with your word in the Bible.  May wrong laws be rescinded and the correct ones put in their place.  Give the members of Parliament boldness to vote with a clear conscience on future debates and laws that will be right for governing our Country.   Amen.


May God Bless us and our Families today with 

The Love of Jesus His Son.