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Speak Up for Others

This is one of my Oil Paintings. We do need to pray for the Children of this World.

Proverbs: Chapter 31 verse 8

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute”

We do need to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, especially the little children, the babies, the unborn that people want to abort. Speak up for those who cannot speak, pray for them , don’t let the devil have them. Pray for those in the world who are destitute, that they may come to know Jesus today.

Taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’

Each of us has a Guardian Angel

Well we do not just have to Pray for the Children of this world but as Proverbs: 31 v 8 says – we should speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. I think that means for some of our family members, also people who are incapacitated, those who need help in their everyday living. Young people, old people, those who are too ill to talk or to ask for help.

Let us be the ones to Speak up for some of those that we know of and others we do not know but have heard of in some of the War Torn Counties in this World. If we cannot Speak out for any of those who are destitute and need of help, let us Pray for The Lord Jesus to raise up someone who can.

Let Us Pray: Please Lord Jesus Help those who cannot help themselves. Amen.

* I hope you have a lovely day today *

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We are not alone.

Sunset Boat Harbour 3

John: Chapter: 16 verse 31

……..Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

As Christians we know that God our Father is with us.

 When Jesus went back to Heaven He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us  –  to teach, comfort and also to fellowship with us.

 Where The Holy Spirit is, there also are The Father and The Son.

  Just think how  blessed we are  – we are never alone!

From ‘Drink from the Cup’ book., by J.M.R.Larman.


So if you are feeling lonely today, stop and think for a while, make a cup of coffee, tea or a favourite drink.  Then sit quietly and thank The Lord for all the Blessings that He has allowed and is giving us each day.

Let us think do we have food and shelter, are we blessed with a Husband, Wife and children or good friends or even a special Pet that we can rely on and talk to when we need help or a shoulder to cry on.

Well we may have so many Blessings that is is difficult to count them all and yet………we still feel lonely.

Why oh! why do we feel like that ?……

While we sit quietly let us remember that Jesus must have felt very lonely at times when people did not understand Him.  Sometimes He went off to a special place to pray on His own to His Father in Heaven until He felt better about things…….Jesus who’s Father is in Heaven is also our Father who we can go to at any time of the day or night if we are a Christian.

So let us try not to be lonely today, talk to The Holy Spirit and ask Him to comfort you and guide you out of that feeling of loneliness  into the Joy of The Lord.  Maybe put on some cheerful music – remember we need the Spirit of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness.  Then the spirit of loneliness will begin to go away and we can get on with our day in a cheerful way.

Maybe have another Cuppa!!!!!!!!!!!! 

* Have a lovely Day Today *


Leaders of our Nations

Eagle Animation1

Psalm:  98 verse 2

The LORD has made His salvation known


revealed His righteousness

to the Nations.


We need to pray for the Nations – that they remember the righteousness of The LORD. The Leaders of the Nations need our Prayers so they may govern in righteous.

Today is a good day to pray afresh for all Nations on Earth to come to the knowledge and love of God.


You may like to pray this Prayer below – taken from The Book of Prayers by: J.M.R.Larman.


 A Prayer for the Government.

I would like to thank you for our Government God.

Would you Bless them all today who are working in the Government of this Country please, so that they may Govern righteously and truthfully each day.  May our Parliamentarians come to know Jesus as Lord of their lives so that eventually we could possibly have a truly Christian Government.

I pray for good health for our Government workers,  especially for the Prime Minister, for your divine protection of him as he travels around the world promoting good relationships towards this Country.

Lord I pray for all people in authority, every government Dept.,  throughout the world for their thoughts and actions to be righteous especially now in this world today with all it’s problems.  Please bless all Government workers and heads of State, Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and Ambassadors in every Country throughout world, keep them safe in your care.

Let them remember that people are precious and that they are working for us not just for themselves and their friends, that we need to be governed with propriety and in the love of The Lord Jesus.

Let us not judge them too harshly when they make mistakes making laws that we are not in agreement with.  We know that you will judge them God when the time comes for some of the outrageous laws that have been passed that are not in agreement with your word in the Bible.  May wrong laws be rescinded and the correct ones put in their place.  Give the members of Parliament boldness to vote with a clear conscience on future debates and laws that will be right for governing our Country.   Amen.


May God Bless us and our Families today with 

The Love of Jesus His Son.




Feeling Lonely?

 Painting Cross Vision


Are you feeling lonely today?

Are you feeling lonely today?  How about submitting yourself afresh to Jesus, ask Him to come into your life even more to-day.

Then thank Him for all your blessings and pray with the help of ….. The Holy Spirit.


If you have never asked Jesus into your heart,

now is a good time to ask Him to come in. 

With God The Father, Jesus Christ His Son plus The Holy Spirit in your life, you will never be on your own again because you are immediately Born into God’s Spiritual Kingdom.

Then let a Christian know that you have done this.  Because the declaration of your faith makes it become active!

We who are Christians know this to be true and know that it is good to submit ourselves afresh to God each day.


If you are not sure still how to become a Christian here is a Prayer you can pray:

Born Again Prayer