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James:  Chapter 1 verse 3-4

Because you know that

the testing of your faith

develops perseverance.

 Perseverance must finish its work

so that you may be

mature and complete,

not lacking anything.


Reading this we can see that we need to persevere, whatever the task is before us we must press on, we must not give up. Whatever work we have to do today or whatever trouble or concerns are with us, we must persevere for Jesus sake, so that even today we can become that bit more mature in Christ.

Taken from book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


So there we are…….what are we trying to do today that is an effort for us to do or to complete.  We must not give in to those thoughts – that is all too hard.

If we are a Christian we can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us.  He is our helper and comforter.  But remember this although Jesus knows our needs, God our Heavenly Father will not do the work for us.  He likes us to ask His help.

Yes, He does help us but not always in the way that we would like, because somethings we ask for that we would like to do are not possibly the best at that particular time of asking.

But we must persevere –  when we persevere with whatever it is, we are becoming more mature.

Then just think……what a joy it is when we have overcome and completed the task that we thought was too hard for us.

Even simple tasks seem like a mountain sometimes but – if we take one step at a time we can overcome – that is perseverance I believe.

As Christians we are to persevere, especially if we are called to work in the Kingdom of God while we are on this earth.


Let us work with the Joy of The Lord Today.  Amen.

* God Bless You Have a lovely Day Today *

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Pure Joy

Ladies Singing Painting

James Chapter 1 verses 2-3

Consider it pure joy,

my brothers,

whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that

the testing of your faith develops



We don’t usually face trials with  joy do we?  If only we could use our faith more in the difficult circumstances, persevere in faith and let God be in charge instead of ourselves, we would find life much easier.  Maybe you are in a difficult situation today, remember the disciples – we must have faith even as small as a mustard seed.  Let us not give up in the testing of our faith, don’t let the devil have the upper hand, especially today.

The above is taken from the book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Singing Lady

Well – how can we express Joy our Joy – it can be through singing, not sad songs of course but uplifting Songs or Hymns.  Do you know that satan does not like us to be happy or to sing or to have any sort of Joy.  So to make him move away from us we need to start rejoicing in our God, even to just thank Him for our Blessings, which when we begin to think of it are many.  We must have that perserverance like the Bible says to walk in Faith however small our Faith is – it is better than having none.

Remember the weakest Christian on his knees is enough to make the devil tremble.

So give it a go some time and don’t be robbed of your Joy.


* I Pray that you have some sort of pure joy today *

* God Bless You *

Angel with Trumpet