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Sons of God


John: Chapter 1 verse 12

But as many as received Him,

to them gave He power

to become the sons of God,

even to them

that believe on His Name:


We must believe on and in the name of Jesus.

Then we can become Sons of God,

filled with all power and authority

of Jesus Christ our Lord.

With the knowledge that God is truly

Our Father in Heaven.


Isn’t it lovely to think that we have a Father in Heaven.  Also to think that He is the one and only True Living God.  Do you realize that Jesus is alive – He is not dead – 

God has a Son – His name is Jesus –

So – God is a Father and He wants us to become His Sons (that means Daughters as well).  Therefore when we receive Jesus we too become one of God’s Sons.  He made us to be a family for Him but we have a choice – we are not puppets – He lets us choose to be part of His family – He does not automatically include us.  If we want to live in the world without Jesus then we are free to do so.  But how terrible – then we would not be going to Eternity when we leave this earth.

How wonderful Eternity must be filled with the Glory of God and all the Heavenly Host.

Angel 1

May God Our Heavenly Father Bless Us Today.

Remember to Ask Him to Bless You.

Like our earthly Fathers I am sure that God likes us to Ask.



Feeling Lonely?

 Painting Cross Vision


Are you feeling lonely today?

Are you feeling lonely today?  How about submitting yourself afresh to Jesus, ask Him to come into your life even more to-day.

Then thank Him for all your blessings and pray with the help of ….. The Holy Spirit.


If you have never asked Jesus into your heart,

now is a good time to ask Him to come in. 

With God The Father, Jesus Christ His Son plus The Holy Spirit in your life, you will never be on your own again because you are immediately Born into God’s Spiritual Kingdom.

Then let a Christian know that you have done this.  Because the declaration of your faith makes it become active!

We who are Christians know this to be true and know that it is good to submit ourselves afresh to God each day.


If you are not sure still how to become a Christian here is a Prayer you can pray:

Born Again Prayer