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Psalm 29 verse 1

Eagle on Rocks

The abovc painting is by: J.M.R. Larman.


Psalm 29 verse 1

Ascribe to The LORD,

O Mighty Ones,

ascribe to The LORD

glory and strength.

We may not be mighty ones but we can give The LORD Glory by the things we say and do each day.  Let us do something nice for The Lord Jesus today through Him God will receive the Glory from us!  One thing we can do is to praise and thank Him for our Salvation and how blessed we are through Jesus.

The above is taken from the book:  ………      ‘Drink from the Cup” by J.M.R. Larman.



So today maybe we can really pray and thank our Heavenly Father, not just for all the blessings that he allows us to have but we can thank Him for Jesus Christ who is the Lord of our lives when we have invited him into our hearts.  

Well, we can also give God the Glory because allows The Holy Spirit to be with us today and always while we live on this earth.

The Holy Spirit  –   is the Spirit of Jesus

and is our

helper and comforter.

I am grateful that we can talk to Jesus through His Holy Spirit who never sleeps and will be here for us day and night.

We can talk to Him and give him all our fears and worries and then feel the comfort of The Lord Jesus.


I pray that you receive the COMFORT

of The Lord Jesus.

*  Have a Lovely Day Today  *


Eagle on Rocks