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Perfect Gift

Painting Cross Vision

This was a commisson painting that I did a few years ago.

James Chapter 1 verse 17

Every good and perfect gift

is from above

and cometh down from

The Father of lights,

with whom is no variableness,

neither shadow of turning.


Think of all the wonderful gifts that have been poured down to us from the Father of lights, Our Father in Heaven.  He gives so graciously to us, who often are not worthy to receive.  He loves us so much that He loves to bless us with perfect gifts.  I thank you Heavenly Father for all the marvellous gifts you have given me, my family, my health, my food, my shelter, my friends, my work the list is undending like your goodness to me is never-ending.  Thank you Heavenly Father.  Amen.

This is from the Book:   ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R.Larman.


BlueStar Ani

It makes us think when we read these words in the Bible, each edition says things a bit differently but in essence they still mean the same.

Like it says in the  Bible – with God there is no shadow of turning.  So it is good to count our Blessings.  He does not take them back, once He has given them to us.

There is one of course that likes to rob us of our blessings and we all know who that is.

Let us walk in truth and righteousness and treasure the good things that we have, apart from our family etc, there may be a special gift that a friend has given us.  There is always something to be grateful for even when we are going through difficult times, it is then that we need to focus on the gift of Jesus that God sent into the world for our sakes.

Have a lovely Day today and cherish the PERFECT GIFTS that God has given especially to you.

This comes with Love and Blessings from me.


Blue Feather

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Spring of Water

Rocky Pool
The above is an oil painting of Rocky Pool. Carnarvon. W.Australia.  Artist:  J.Larman

Isaiah: Chapter 58 verse 11

The LORD shall guide thee continually

and satisfy thy soul

in drought and make fat thy bones:

and thou shalt be like a watered garden

and like a spring of water,

whose waters fail not.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t fail the LORD today, let us ask The Holy Spirit to help us to pray that we can be beautiful like a watered garden full of freshness and perfune that will rise to Him in the Heavenlies.                                                                                               Taken from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ of Daily Readings by: J.M.R.Larman.


We do need to Praise The Lord for the rain that falls – it falls on the righteous and the unfrighteous.  As Christians it is good that we can receive not just the wet rain that we can see but that we can receive the refeshing of the Holy Spirit.  That of course we cannot see – but yes – sometimes we can feel His Presence with us – that is really refreshing for our spirits and and souls.

So let us rejoice and ask for a fresh outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on the Town and Country that we live in.


 Sunset Boat Harbour 3

Beautiful photo after the rain.

* God Bless you today


for the coming week *