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Jesus knew…..

Key Red

Drawing of Key by J.M.R. Larman.


St. John Chapter 13 verse 3

Jesus knew that the Father had put

all things under His power


that He had come from God


was returning to God;


As Christians we have been given the Power that Jesus bestowed upon us to use for His Kingdom while we live on this earth, then when our time is right we shall return to God our maker in Heaven to be with Jesus.  Let us make good use today of that divine power and walk in the love of The Lord Jesus.

Taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


So the Key to the Power of the Kingdom of God is Jesus, he has bestowed on us Power to use by His Holy Spirit indwelling in us when we have accepted Jesus as Lord of our life.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus, who helps us to pray, who opens the door to the throne room of God, who will hear our Prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord.

What a privilage to be able to Pray to our Heavenly Father at any time day or night.  Remember The Holy Spirit never sleeps He is with us always, to comfort and guide us, teach us and lead us in the ways of The Kingdom of God. Now that must be Power indeed.


Did you know that I beleive The Dove represents

the Holy Spirit.


* Have a Lovely Powerful Day walking

in the Power of Jesus,

in Peace & Love & Joy

to share with others *





Love One Another


1 Corinthians:  Chapter 13 verse 3

A new command I give you: Love one another, as I have loved you, so you must love one another”  If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames but have not love, I gain nothing.”


We as humans cannot possibly live to the full without love.   As you read the above chapter, I pray that The Lord Jesus will guide you into greater understanding regarding the facts about love.  It is one of  the most beautiful and powerful chapters in the Bible.  Without His love and the love of God we truly are nothing.



Well there we are – we know now that God wants us to love one another and that we really cannot live our lives on this earth without some sort of love.  It is good to know that we can give love to our families and our pets.  Sometimes we do not have a human being to share our life with but love goes on through us not only to our neighbours, our friends, our families but to all creatures – great and small –

So today let us try to be kind to whoever comes before us today,  even if it is someone who we do not get on with very well, it is a command from God that we show them His love.  Being kind I beleive is showing love, we don’t have to gush over people with hugs and kisses to ebarrass them do we?

BlueStar Ani

*  God Bless you with His Love Today and Always  *




Painting Cross Vision

Isaiah: Chapter 30  verse 18

Yet The LORD longs to be gracious to you;

He rises to show you compassion.

For The LORD is a God of justice.

 Blessed are all who wait for Him!


Thank you LORD  that you are a God of compassion  – please continue to have compassion on me and my family, especially today.  Thank you for all your blessings to me. Amen.



I really do thank The LORD that He is gracious to me, how about you?.

It is good to think of all the good things that God allows us to have and to do.

Remember ours is a God of Love not of hate or injustice.  Do you know I believe He loves us each one as if we are the only one….that sounds a bit odd really but if you make something you treasure it and love it ….. so it makes sence that when God made us in our Mothers womb then we would be a treasure to Him and yes He would love us.

So we should try to be content just where we are – if you are not used to praying, you may like to give it a try – then like it says in The Bible…….Blessed are all who wait for Him!

Let us try to wait on God and let the unholy things

not have a hold on us.

We can make a fresh start each day – it is best to take just One Day at a Time and try to find something nice to do for our self or for someone else.  We can be gracious – even a smile to to say ‘Hello’ to someone can really make their day just a  bit nicer.

* May God be Gracious to us today.*

Have a lovely Day


Painting Cross Vision


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Fear of The Lord

 Sunset Boat Harbour 3

Proverbs: Chapter 1  verse 7

The fear of The LORD

is the beginning of knowledge


fools despise wisdom




I think I shall ask The LORD for more knowledge and wisdom today, I do not want to be a fool, I pray that I do have the fear of The LORD and I certainly do not despise wisdom and knowledge.

For my part I know that I do love wisdom and knowledge, also I do know that I definitely need more!  Thank you LORD God that you continue to fill me afresh each day, also with the knowledge and love of Jesus.



So let us just think where are we really going to get this knowledge and wisdom from……well I think it does help to read our Bible  because it has been written for our learning. Therefore if we decide not to read, then we are limiting our brains to absorb knowledge and wisdom from the Apostles and followers of Jesus that are written about in the most Holy Book.

Lots of them were not clever people but with the account of their lives we can learn from their mistakes. (Hopefully we can!)

So where does the FEAR come from then?

You see we are not to be afraid of our God because He is the God of Love.  Our only fear is to be that we really don’t acknowledge Him as we should and that we don’t always walk in the knowledge that He is our Heavenly Father and He Loves us even more than our earthly fathers love us.

We do fear being chastised by our earthly fathers and need to realize that our Heavenly Father does chastise us too.


is that we DO NOT need to be



I hope you have a lovely day walking in the Love and Knowledge, Wisdom and Joy of our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father.



This is Love

Father & Son

2 John:  Chapter 1  verse 6

And this is love: that we walk in obedience to His commands.

As you have heard from the beginning

His command is

that you walk in love.


Please would you help me to walk in love today Lord!  Amen.



So today let us try to walk in the Love of The Lord Jesus.  I know that it can be very difficult to walk in obedience to the Commandments that God gave to Moses.

But we need to give it a go.

So what can we do then to walk in Love…..well, we can show consideration to those family and friends that we meet up with today and in the coming week.  Some I know we find difficult to show love to – we don’t have to gush over them, just listen to what they have to say, not tell them what to do.

To walk in the Love of The Lord Jesus is not for us to give things to show love, it is us being willing to share our time with those who come before us each day.

So I can say to you: that I love you with  the love of The Lord who ever and wherever you are reading this today.

I pray that God will Bless you and keep you safe as you try to be obedient to Him and that means that you are walking in The Love of The Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour and hopefully is or will be yours.

God Bless you with His Love




Hands Colour

Praying Hands Scrapper Board Drawing by J.M.R.Larman.


1 Timothy:  Chapter 6 verse 5

…., who have been robbed of the truth

and who think that godliness

is a means to financial gain.


This Scripture applies to those who love money, yes, we do need money and we have to work to earn it but we must not make it a god in our lives.  Because God supplies all our needs, we cannot think that we can pray – please God send me a fortune in money.  Best to read the above Scripture to get a really good meaning of this for our lives today, then get on with our Godly living in the knowledge that God supplies all our needs, financial or otherwise.


Hands Colour

Let us Pray for God to bless us with finance – that is not problem – the problem arises when we ask for ungodly gains that we really do not need i.e. I believe that the Prosperity Gospel is not the true Gospel of Jesus.

The bible does say:  ‘ask and you shall receive’ –  yes we are to ask – but God does know our needs and he will supply our daily needs, not unlimited funds and more and more unholy wants.

He does supply us with our families, food, clothes and shelter.  We can ask and receive Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Discernment and everyday Commonsense.  I believe these are things that God likes us to ask for and receive.  We can ask for healing or good health for our bodies and loved ones.  We can ask that we can share The Love of The Lord Jesus with those that God allows us to see and care for each day.

Do you know that it is a privilege to be able to Pray – Jesus prayed and gave us  “The Lord’s Prayer”  – which really covers everything that we need to ask God for.

May God Bless you


keep you safe in His care.

With Love and Blessings

for your needs today.

Snowflake Purple




Work and Eat

Station Homestead W.A.

 This is one of my Paintings of a Sheep Station Homestead.

Where people do work for their Daily Bread.

In the Gascoyne Area – North West Australia.


2 Thessalonians: Chapter 3 verse 10

……”If a man will not work,

he shall not eat”


This makes us really think, do we truly work for God in all the ways He wants us to.

He supplies all our food, all our needs; we are not to be bludgers of our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ nor of  the world.

We are to use the gifts He has given us to work for the Kingdom, in everyday ways and in Spiritual ways.


So there we are  –  whether our work is humble or great, we need to get on and do it.  Not wait for others to do for us what we should be doing to earn our daily bread.

If we help others – that is still working for God –  He says in the Commandment’s – Love your neighbour as yourself.  That really means I believe to be friendly towards them, not gush over them with pretend love.

Work for God can be done in many ways, not just for money.

It is surprising what gifts of love come to us in the form of food sometimes in exchange for our help.

God Blesses us day by day, especially as we work for The Kingdom of God.

This is part of my work to send forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hope that you and whoever else reads these Blogs come to  the knowledge and love of The One True God  (that’s if you have not already done so)  who is  –  Our Father in Heaven.

God Bless you with something

nice to eat today.


BlueStar Ani