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Sheep P and Ink

Psalm 8 verse 1


our LORD,

how Majestic is your name

in all the Earth!


Your Name is Majestic in all the Earth God.  No other name can ever match your Name and the Name of Jesus.  Your Name Jesus is beautiful, the Name above all Names.  May we praise your name God our Heavenly Father and the Name of Jesus with all  that is within us today.

The above is from the Book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Jesus (Text)


What about our Names then?

Do you like your Name?

You can of course change it if you like but not a good idea!   Mainly because family love your name or they would not have given it to you.

Also all your friends know you by the name that you have…….

God our Heavenly Father knows our names.

When we become a Christian our Names are written in Lamb’s Book of Life.

Sheep P and Ink

What an incredible honour

– yes it tells us this in the Bible –

Revelation Chapter 21 verse 27


*May God Bless your NAME today*

Have a lovely Day


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My Help


Psalm:  121 verse 2

My help comes from The Lord,

the maker of heaven and earth.


Thank you Lord God my help

does come from you.


Have you ever thought about the fact that God really did make the Heavens and the Earth?

I like to look at some of the Travel DVD’s or films that show some of the wonders of our world.

No human being can make a Sunset, we cannot make the wind, or the rain.  The mountains, the waterfalls the wonderful Flowers, Birds, Animals, Butterflies – can you make any of these?  What about the Snow the Birds Feathers? How can people say there is no God.

We do understand that there are many God’s in our lives i.e. the God of money, lust, envy etc., etc.,

But as Christians we believe that the one True God our Father in Heaven made us in the likeness of Jesus Christ his only Son.

We did not evolve and neither did the animals or trees, each are given their own seed to propagate just as God made us all in the first place when he made this earth that we live on at the moment.


You can read about these things in Genesis

in The Holy Bible.


God Bless You Today

Have a lovely Day.

Walk in the JOY of The Lord.