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Let’s do Something Nice Today

The Flowers above look beautiful. It is also beautiful when we do something nice for someone.

1 Samuel: Chapter 1 verse 18

She said, “may your servant find favour in your eyes” Then she went her way and ate something and her face was no longer downcast.


Today, let us too find favour in Our Father God’s eyes, let us think of something nice to do for Him today, then we too can celebrate with something good to eat and our face need not be downcast.

You may like to read the above Scripture in your Holy Bible. It is quite interesting.

The story is about Hannah the Mother of Samuel who was praying in her heart to God in the Temple. As her lips were moving they thought she was drunk as no words were coming out of her mouth.

It is good to remember that we do not always have to pray out loud for our Father in Heaven to hear what we are praying and hoping for in our hearts.

Maybe today we can do something nice for someone, then we need not feel downcast……(that’s if we were in the first place) But what ever we do – it should be done for the Lord. It could be just a kind word for someone, or a phone call to keep in touch. If we help someone in anyway at all that would be a blessing for them. So if Jesus is your Lord and Saviour – what a lovely thing to do something nice for Him today. One Special thing to do is to pray for someone and ask that God would kindly bless them. They do not need to know that you have prayed for them. God our Father in Heaven will hear the prayers of your heart just as He did with Hannah, Samuel’s Mother as it says so in The Bible.

Hear is a link to – Book of Prayers – this is a help for people who are not sure how or what to pray for and a reminder to some of us that there are other things and people that need our prayer. I hope it will be useful to many especially to new Christians if they cannot find the help they need.


Just a pretty Flower Bud

*** I Hope you have a lovely Day Today Something nice that I can say for you Today is May God Bless You with Contentment Today and Always. Amen. ***

Be Kind


Proverbs Chapter 14 verse 31.

He who oppresses the poor

shows contempt for their Maker

 but whoever is kind to the needy

honours God.


Who of us that belong to God would want to oppress the poor? However this does seem to happen sometimes without us even knowing until it is pointed out to us  by God.  The poor are not only those without financial or worldly goods but are those poor souls without Jesus.  The kindest thing we can do is to tell them about Him as well as befriending them.

               The above is taken from the book ‘Drink from the Cup’                                    by J.M.R. Larman.



Let us see how nice it is to be kind to one another.  Sometimes just a smile will do.  Other times we may need to do a bit more to be kind to those we love.  How often do we take our families for granted expecting them to do things for us and grumbling when they don’t.  Well – maybe we should look at our own attitude remembering that we will honour God our Heavenly Father when we take time to appreciate those who are in our care.

It is good to let others know that we have Jesus in our lives and as Christians encourage others to want to know why.

God Bless you today if you are a Christian and also if you are not maybe you may decide to become one.  It is very easy – just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life, how about that then?………..Well one day you may give it a go……..

To Repent means: that you do not want to do that bad thing again whatever it is or was.

Have lovely day today.

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